EPL 2019-20: Liverpool begins the season by emphatic Win, beats Norwich Metropolis by 4-1 | EPL 2019-20: Liverpool begin with a win, Norwich Metropolis present the primary purpose


Liverpool: Defending european champions liverpool English Premier League (EPL) Beginning with the victory of the 2019-20 season, he defeated Norwich City in the first match here. Liverpool were beaten 4–1 at their home ground by Anfield in the EPL after being promoted to the Championship. Mohammad Salah, Virgil Wayne Dyke and Divok Origi scored goals for Liverpool in this match.

Self goal started
Guest team captain Grant Hanley scored an on goal. The start of the match was strong for the host team. Liverpool hit the left wing in the seventh minute and the ball went into the goal with the foot of Norwich captain Henley standing inside the 18 yard box. After this, Norwich City's players could not reduce Liverpool's lead in the first half and they had no success in scoring in this half.

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Had scored 3-0 in 28th minute
Liverpool struck with Wright Flank in the 19th minute and Mohammed Salah doubled his team's lead, this time scoring from inside the box. Nine minutes later, Liverpool received a corner on which Wayne Dyke scored from the header to make the score 3–0. In this way, the team got a significant lead in the 28th minute of the match. The host team did not stop here and scored a fourth goal before the first half ended. Origi got a chance in the 42nd minute and he made no mistake in scoring the ball.

Norwich played better in the second half
Norwich's game improved in the second half. The guest team was more sharp in the attack, due to which he was also successful in scoring goals. In the 64th minute of the match, Timo Pookie did for Norwich. Norwich finished second after Manchester City last season.

A bad news for Liverpool was that his Brazilian goalkeeper Alison Baker, who had to leave the field due to a knee injury in the 39th minute, will no longer play in the next match on Wednesday. Liverpool's match will be against Chesla. Four days ago, 32-year-old Spanish keeper Adrian, who was released by Haim United, played his first match in place of Baker.
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