Haryana Man Pushes His BMW Into Nahar River After Father Refusing To Purchase New Jaguar Automotive, Additionally Shared Video Footage | Mother and father didn’t get Jaguar, then the younger man purchased a BMW 2 months in the past within the canal


  • This is the case of Mukampur village in Yamunanagar, police drove a car out of the canal
  • Father refuses to sell BMW, causing Akash
  • He bought the BMW two months ago for 45 lakhs

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Aug 10, 2019, 04:01 PM IST

Yamunanagar A young man from Haryana drifted into a BMW canal purchased two months ago on the insistence of buying Jaguar or Ferrari. Seeing the possibility of the accident, the people present there rushed to rescue. Then a young man came forward. He told that I had let my BMW into the canal from a remote. There is no one in it. Police called the diver and pulled out the car late in the evening.

In fact, Akash, a resident of Mukarampur, bought a BMW on June 12 for 45 lakhs. He was adamant on selling it to buy a one million Jaguar or 80 lakh Ferrari, but his father was not agreeing. So the young man took this step.

Also shared video

The young man also made a video of the car falling into the canal from a remote and shared it with the family. Akash's cousin Lalit said that he left the house in the morning without saying anything. After some time it was reported that he was near the canal. Lalit told that Akash is fond of expensive car. On June 12, he bought a BMW by selling a Fortuner.

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