Nationwide Well being Insurance coverage – double VAT to pay for it .. South Africa

The cost of implementing the National Health Insurance (NHI) is way beyond the capability of a bankrupt state like South Africa.



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  1. We went to stive biko hospital to have wisdom teeth removed, cos it was not covered by our medical aid. There is a 3 year waiting period if you can have it removed in the dentist chair and a 5 year waiting list for surgical procedures. Needless to say, we went to a private hospital. …. but with this, we will no longer have the option.

  2. So in short.

    ANC doesn't want anyone to pay money for better services at a private sector provider.


    Because then money doesn't go into ANC bank account.

    So what is this?

    It's basically communism forcing everyone to dance to the ANCs music.

    What's ANC track record on building something? Just look at VBS.

    Whats ANC track record on maintaining an already running system? Look at all 131 state owned enterprises. Every one is bankrupt.

    What's going to happen if THEY DO this?

    Millions will die. Without a question.

  3. So….. A committee of inept and undereducated people will be in charge of deciding what treatment I am entitled to. They can't even afford to give state patients vitamin pills and the most one gets for pain relief is panados…. Antibiotics??? Very few, doesn't do the job… Inferior medication. Do I want NHI???? Almost definitely not. Some idiot said that the UK started their NHI during difficult times….. UK is now suffering as a result and if one takes a look at Ireland it is ten times worse with people having to wait on gurneys for hours and shortages of beds. Worst system ever implemented.

  4. Crazy, if you ask me! How can they provide this new healthcare if the hospitals are in the state that they are in, for heaven's sake!? No specialists, doctors or nurses will be left in SA. Countries abroad are crying out for these professionals to offer their services all over the world!

  5. Around 2015 the KZN Dept of Health couldn't find R4 billion they had been allocated so that the X Ray machines in Addington Hospital couldn't be fixed. I think we can fully expect huge amounts of money to sommer disappear. Why should the NHI be any different from any other poorly run SOE where billions are stolen? The ANC leopard won't change its spots! By 2026 South Africa will be a total African basketcase.

  6. The wizards of smart can't do math, it will cost far more than these clowns say because the rand will tumble in the meantime. Considering that the ANC hasn't run any soe well, this will not be any different. The best indicator of future soe success is past and present soe success in which the ANC gets an F grade. Further, what no one is talking about is that the ANC will have to set up what amount to death panels to decide who lives and who dies. How do you think whites will fare before those BEE panels???????

  7. Currently we are taxed to death. If this happens it’s cheaper to live in any other country. We paying double without knowing it. Private medical aid. Private security. Private schooling. Just to mention a few.

  8. It will go the same way, as the government State hospitals. Over paid, incompetent, and lazy staff, equipment will be scrapped and sold. It's just another corrupt scam for the parasites too plunder

  9. Oh yes, they will collect the money by squeezing it out of the last few taxpayers and remaining pension funds. They may even build a few buildings sort-of, but I don't think there will be a South African NHI. The money will find it's way into other bank accounts. Can any country in Africa can make projections further than next year?

  10. Some more legalised theft.
    They will bring in Cuban Doctors, no doubt.This will be along the lines of Obama Care..that was a disaster for Americans. What are they going to call this one? Lets guess…Rama Care !!
    GOD help us all.?

  11. It's like I always say, the parasites will drain you dry if you let them. You have 2 options, you move to a parasite-free zone or you eradicate the parasite where you are. If you don't, a parasite will eventually kill you. PLEASE understand this, NOWHERE, EVER on this planet had a society survived a parasite infestation.

  12. Scott…Friends of LL.. thankyou for this continuing show of Artistic High Class endurance.
    It was a mind blowing experience for me when recently I reviewed 1 topic of video archive from your Team…….afriforum. Wow.!
    the SA is spinning into Zimbabwe.
    Magic! Good to hear you are setting up large secure Rand value swap.
    Afriforum is like Suidlanders in the sense of ''oversensitive'' to any possible attacks…your wish to interact with Afriforum might require small segments first…with an advance preview of discussion etc. Paranoia…its like ptsd but no relief in SA. Be safe…in your own way you are actually SAVING LIVES AND PROPERTY.
    Dan Roley. Indianapolis..

  13. What happened in the US after Canada implemented their healthcare system is that doctors opened up clinics on the US side of the border that Canadians used as needed. Look to a neighboring country like Dubai to invite doctors in to open private clinics.

  14. Firstly, most doctors would agree that almost half of their working life is spent on paperwork for medical aids. The NHI would make medical aids obsolete. Secondly, pharmaceutical companies practically dictate to all medical services; so how would this affect these companies? Without their permission, or pound of flesh, the NHI would not be realised. In my humble opinion, discarding medical aid and paying double VAT for NHI would still lead to the same status quo: expensive shit service. Only God knows how diseases would multiply and compound the problem when the medical system completely disintegrates, as the NHI plan would inevitably lead to.

  15. Doubling the vat is removing food off people's plates – nobody's income is growing at their rate of increases! It's time to quit the country – GET OUT! The ANC talks about "Its people," but in reality is going to starve them… to death? Starving an entire nation means more people's health will fail. There certainly is a "depopulation Agenda 21" here at play, and more thieving at play.

  16. Well done Scott, I expected you to say that they would create a huge NHI fund ostensibly to help people but that as these things go, they will rob it blind and very little funds if any, will benefit anyone. In addition to raiding the pension pots to help fund it, that is.

    Even the UK NHS requires most people to contribute to their medication by the way. Around £8 for any prescription, I think, Seldom do we use it, so please feel free to correct me but for most people meds are NOT free.

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