Nationwide Well being Insurance coverage Coverage Doc … South Africa

See the policy: http://www.griquas.com/nhi.pdf
Easier reading of the NHI: http://www.griquas.com/nhi.pdf



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  1. They know what they are doing. Creating another vessel to steal tax payers money.
    I bet none of the politicians go to go public hospitals and never will. If NHI does come to pass the very politicians will take tax payers money once again and send their families to other countries for medical care.

  2. This is all about buying votes (employing tens of thousands to "manage"), keeping the unions happy (those tens of thousands will all be COSATO members), and, off course filling up the pockets of the "hard working" comrades. No understanding, no compassion, no foresight, no intelligence, just slobbering greed.

  3. First questions everyone asks: "Where will they get doctor's from"? I know Sangoma certificates and nursing diploma's are not a problem, so…..could that be the medical professionals they will use? Has the ANC ever build another Baragwanath hospital like the horrible apartheid government build?

  4. Scott, I'm not so sure about the brain-drain. What about that black surgeon in the SA advertisement from the other day? You know, the ad with the hip parachute guy. Maybe that doctor can train the new doctors. I mean, after all, he's all innovative n' stuff, n'est-ce pas? Greetings from Arizona. Laddie

  5. I can see Black racist in control of S A running the country into total ruin,with whites and coloreds leaving the country and WHAMO the blacks will have 100% of S A . I do not think they care if they starve to death at this point the majority in S A deserves the fate they have created

  6. Public Hospitals are a death trap..lacking in qualified nursing staff , lack of maintenance and hygiene , lack of funding for upgraded equipment, insufficient doctors , poor to little nutrition by way of meals , shortages of medication and other first aid applications. Incompetant staff manning reception and hospital staff stealing hospital equipment and stealing from patients. Appallingly filthy floors..non functional toilets and bathroom facilities where faucets have been stolen ,broken tiles and no soap. Dirty linen, shortage of beds, old mattresses and tatty curtains. Emergency bells are a decoration on the panel..should you by chance have one that does function…you will have a disgruntled Nurse make you live to regret it. They are there for their salaries only..and not to take care of patients.

    Private Hospitals fair better, but on a slope down hill in the same direction. Lack of sufficient Doctors , filthy floors , tatty stained curtains, dirty linen, bins of un emptied medical waste and Nurses who are also there for their salaries only.
    Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) has forcibly denied Qualified , dedicated Nurses and Doctors from participating in the Health Care System that are of the wrong skin colour.
    *There are some Doctors and Nurses that try their best under the circumstances….they are but very few.

  7. In 2000 there wasn,t any doctors left already ,i took a farm worker for gangerine tests in his right leg that year and they amputated the left leg instead ,he died afterwards in bongani hospital of infection to the rigt leg ,they are incompetent and ignorant to their patients but goons are clever ,you can,t tell them nothing

  8. My suggestion to those who have houses – remortgage, buy a boat, yacht or catamaran and when the SHTF get far away from the walking dead, we know swimming has never been their forte. I would not be paying off any loans, houses, debt right now – In fact I have several family members doing this right now – Only a fool pays off their debt in this bubble thats about to burst!

  9. Just another way to steal – Cant run SAA, cant run municipalities, cant run Eskom, cant run hospitals, cannot govern, cannot manage borders, cant manage crime, cant manage post offices, cannot manage roads, cannot manage toll booths, cannot manage or stop farm murders but somehow, just somehow now they want to play with hospitals – give me a break!

  10. If the state coffers are truly empty then how the hell are they going to pay such a big sum towards a new health system ? Daft , totally daft . It wont work because they dont have the money . Rather fire the whole staff of Eskom and put in whites to fix it and then , if anything is left , put it into building new schools and sewerage treatment projects . How can they diversify when the funds with which to work what we presently have , are insufficient ? And the Randela is crashing . What a joke .

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