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Bodily titanium Apple Card arriving to prospects after early launch – jj

Bodily titanium Apple Card arriving to prospects after early launch


Following a limited preview launch earlier this week, Apple Card customers are starting to receive the physical titanium card.

Users across Twitter and Reddit shared their early experiences with the physical Apple Card.

The images show how minimal the Apple Card is compared to most cards, with an Apple logo, the card holder’s name, and a chip on the front. The back of the card, meanwhile, features MasterCard and Goldman Sachs logos, along with a mag stripe.

An unboxing video was also posted to YouTube by an early adopter named Aaron Andino.

When the physical Apple Card ships, it comes in a small envelope with a beautiful gradient design. To activate the card, all user’s need to do is hold their iPhone next to the envelope the card comes in.

You don’t need the physical card in order to use Apple Card. Instead, it’s an option where Apple Pay isn’t available; the physical titanium card offers 1% Daily Cash on every purchase you make with it.

More and more people have been able to apply for Apple Card since it launched in a limited preview earlier this week. If you haven’t had the chance to apply, Apple said Apple Card will be more widely available later this month.

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