The St. Lucia Government is working with the Port of Miami to acquire container scanners in an effort to
clamp down on gun smuggling. So says Prime Minister Allen Chastanet who also indicated that the
Government is looking at a program to compensate persons who can provide information that leads to
the confiscation of illegal firearms. The Prime Minister also spoke about the problems affecting the
island’s health sector most of which he hopes will be solved by June next year. He also announced plans
to set up of a health insurance scheme that will make quality health care affordable for all, as well as
plans for the opening of the St. Jude Hospital and the eventual commissioning of the Owen King EU
St. Lucia’s Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says that a vast number of illegal firearms is being smuggled
into the country via heavy duty containers. To arrest the trend Government is collaborating with the
Port in Miami on getting scanners to detect those weapons. Additionally persons who can provide
information on how the firearms can be confiscated will be rewarded
On the matter of health care Prime Minister Chastanet noted that at least 40,000 people in St. Lucia are
unable to afford basic medical treatment. This is disturbing to the Prime Minister who believes that
health care insurance which can provide coverage even for indigents is the only answer. The Prime
Minister also spoke about ensuring that the Owen King EU Hospital becomes fully operational.
Commenting on the status of the St. Jude Hospital reconstruction project which includes building a new
wing the Prime Minister Chastanet indicated that contractual agreements should be signed this week
and the work should commence next week
The Prime Minister also spoke about the Hewanorra Airport Redevelopment Project. He said work on
the airport is expected to begin within the next few weeks



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