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Samsung Pulls Adverts Mocking Apple iPhone's No Headphone Jack and Extra – jj

Samsung Pulls Adverts Mocking Apple iPhone's No Headphone Jack and Extra


Samsung surprisingly deleted its ads mocking Apple’s dongle and iPhone’s lack of headphone jack.

Reports surfaced on the internet about Samsung secretly deleting its ads mocking iPhone’s lack of headphone jack. The ad which was last seen before the tech giant’s big event was permanently removed from its YouTube channel.

Samsung recently released the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. This year’s flagship phone release from the Korean tech giant comes remarkably. This is the first time that the company released two models in one Note line.

What makes the launch even interesting is that Samsung finally eliminates the headphone jack. Months before this remarkable release, the Korean tech giant released a series of ads featuring scenes showing how inconvenient the iPhone’s no headphone jack was to the Apple customers.

An ad that was released along with the Samsung Galaxy 9 launch featured a traveling woman who needed all the help she could get. The ad entitled “Moving On” showed all the struggles that the lady traveler had to through due to her iPhone’s slow performance.

One specific scene from the mocking ad showed a guy uncomfortably using dongles to charge his phone and to listen to music at the same time. The guy then looks at his friend looking easy with her phone charging wirelessly.

The said video, as well as the earlier releases of the mocking ad, can no longer be found as Samsung silently deleted them following the Galaxy Note 10 release that apparently shows evidence of the Korean giant changing its stand on the no headphone jack design.

Aside from the lack of headphone jack, Samsung’s mocking ads also slammed iPhone 7 as it does not support the Qi-enabled wireless charging. Another point of attack was the iPhone X’s notch design along with the other issues found on previous Apple releases.

One famous mocking ad which seemed Samsung’s most popular was the parody released in 2018 along with the Samsung Galaxy 9 launch. The ad was entitled “Ingenious” emphasizing how inconvenient it was for no headphone jack iPhone designs requiring users to use a dongle.

Although all the above-mentioned videos were taken down, reports assured that nothing on the internet is permanently gone.

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