Tanzania Gas Tanker Blast, Tanzania Newest Information; 57 killed in gasoline tanker explosion in Japanese Tanzania | Oil tanker overturns explosion, 61 killed; Police said- the useless had been stealing oil


  • The incident took place in the town of Morogoro, Tanzania, with crowds around the tanker
  • Eyewitnesses said- this area is the busiest so no one can steal oil
  • Last month, 45 people died after an oil tanker crashed in northern Benue State, Nigeria

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Aug 10, 2019, 09:35 PM IST

Dar es Salaam. 61 people died during an explosion in an oil tanker in eastern Tanzania's Dar es Salaam area on Saturday. Police said the tanker overturned uncontrollably. After this, people were trying to extract oil from it and put it in their vehicle. The explosion was so strong that the bodies of people spread far and wide. Commissioner of Police Steven Kabwe said the accident took place in the city of Morogoro. Many people are also burnt in the explosion. Many people have been injured in the incident.

According to the news agency, hundreds of people were present around the oil tanker at the time of the incident. Witnesses said that the situation in the area is very bad. The killed people were not attempting to steal oil, as it is the busiest area in the city. Incidences of stealing oil are common in countries in East Africa. Hundreds of people have died in the blasts during this period.

Last month, 45 died in a tanker accident

In July, 45 people were killed in an oil tanker accident in the northern Benue State of Nigeria. In 2013, 29 people were killed in a similar incident on the outskirts of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Then there was a crowd around the tanker.

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