The frequent man despatched a letter of appreciation and a reward of 500 rupees to Agra IG, was proud of this work. a typical man despatched a letter of appreciation to Agra IG and a reward of 500 rupees


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Updated: Saturday, August 10, 2019, 12:01 (IST)

Agra. Agra's Inspector General of Police (IG) in Uttar Pradesh has received a unique honor. This honor is not given by the government or police department, but by a common man. The common man, happy with the functioning of the IG, has sent him a letter of appreciation and a check of 500 rupees. Actually, IG Satish Ganesh had reached the highway police station of Agra and investigated the way the police worked. His work style was liked by a person and that is why he has sent this check to IG.

a common man sent a letter of appreciation to Agra IG and a reward of 500 rupees

According to media reports, an envelope arrived at the residence of IG Satish Ganesh on Thursday. When he opened the envelope, he kept a check of 500 rupees and a letter of appreciation in it. He was surprised to see that the check and the letter had not been received by any of his senior officers but from a man. Please tell that the name of the person who sent the citations and checks to the IG is Vijaypal Singh, he is a resident of Etah. Vijaypal has written in the letter that he had read about the functioning of IG in the newspaper. He wrote, 'It is often seen that a case of poor and helpless people is not written in the police station and they are banished from the police station. Pleased with your style of work, I am sending Rs 500 as reward through check.

a common man sent a letter of appreciation to Agra IG and a reward of 500 rupees

This was the whole matter

In fact, Agra IG Satish Ganesh reached the police station without a government car and uniform. There he introduced himself to Colonel Satish Kumar. They told the police that the laptop was stolen from their car. Earlier, he had called the number 100 and told about the theft. When he was told to share the location, the IG said that he did not have a smart phone. After telling this, they reached the highway police station in Mathura. After which the SHO immediately instructed him to write an FIR, which made him happy and revealed his identity and honored the officer.

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