The Thar Specific left for Pakistan, however was unable to cross the border, 166 passengers stranded from each nations. Thar Specific couldn’t cross India pakistan border halt at Munabao railway station



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Updated: Saturday, August 10, 2019, 14:22 (IST)

Jodhpur / Barmer. After the Samjhauta Express running between India and Pakistan, the wheels of the Thar Link Express have also stopped on Saturday. Although the train left for Pakistan from Bhagat's Kothi railway station in Jodhpur, Rajasthan at 12 noon on Friday, it could not cross the border. The Thar Express is currently standing at Munabav railway station in Barmer district of Rajasthan. This railway station is the last railway station on the Pakistan border in India.

Thar Express could not cross India pakistan border halt at Munabao railway station

Pak railway minister announced to cease operations

The Thar Express was supposed to travel from Pakistan's Khokhrapar railway station to Karachi via Munabav to Zero Point, but Pakistan's announcement of breaking bilateral relations with India and canceling operations of the Railway Minister of Pakistan on Friday After Saturday, it has seen its impact. No one came from Pakistan to take the train to Karachi after crossing the Munabav railway station border. In such a situation, the Thar Express reached the Munabav railway station at around five in the morning could not cross the border to Pakistan.

Thar Express could not cross India pakistan border halt at Munabao railway station

Removal of section 370 from Jammu and Kashmir buoyed Pakistan

According to railway sources, there are 166 passengers aboard the Thar Express standing in Munabav, out of which 81 Indian nationals and 85 Pakistani nationals are being reported. Please tell that Pakistan has been stung since the removal of Articles 370 and 35A from Jammu and Kashmir by the Government of India. He is taking such steps in disgust. Along with the closure of trade from Indian, train services have also been banned. On Friday, the Railway Minister of Pakistan Sheikh Rasid Ahmad announced the closure of operations of the Thar Express.

Thar Express could not cross India pakistan border halt at Munabao railway station

Rakshat is going to meet his daughter after 35 years

India and Pakistan have a bread-and-daughter relationship. In such a situation, there are many families and people in both countries who travel between India and Pakistan. Rukhsat Bibi, a passenger of the Thar Express, says that his daughter was married to a Pakistani youth 35 years ago. She never met the daughter after marriage. After many years of hard work, now he got a visa. After 35 years I am going to Pakistan to meet my daughter. The desire to meet the daughter and her three children is now incomplete. The story of Rakhsat is of many passengers of the Thar Express.

Thar Express could not cross India pakistan border halt at Munabao railway station

Bhartiya Na Garik at Zero Point Railway Station

Citizens of both countries are traveling in the Thar Express. These include citizens of Pakistan, who came to India to visit their relatives and are now returning. Apart from this, many citizens of India rode in Pakistan expecting to visit their relatives. On the other hand, citizens of India are also stranded in Pakistan. These passengers are at Zero Point railway station, where there is only water system for them. These passengers are waiting for arrival from Thar Express Pakistan to India.

Thar express could not cross india pakistan border

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