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High 10 Again-to-Faculty Weblog Posts for Dad and mom and Youngsters – jj

High 10 Again-to-Faculty Weblog Posts for Dad and mom and Youngsters



Back to school is here and the summer season is winding down. A big part of a successful first week of school is preparation and establishing a routine. We’re sharing with you the top 10 blog posts for back-to-school planning and awareness from the experts at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. 

Post # 1 – Encourage Walking to School

If you live close enough to your child’s school, beat the back-to-school traffic and congestion and start walking to school with your kids. It’s a great way to lessen the anxiety of finding parking, get some fresh air and a great way to spend time with your family. 

Post # 2 – Keep a Stress-Free School year

Did you get your child’s vaccinations? Do they have proper school hygiene? Are you recoginizing any snoring during the school year? You can help you, your child and your family have a stress-free school year with these suggestions from our experts.

Post # 3 – Prevent Backpack Injuries

Have you ever tried to lift your child’s backpack? If not, you are probably in for a pretty startling surprise. Before there were rolling backpacks, most of us remember the days of lugging our heavy bags around. Here are some tips for preventing injuries for your child with the use of their backpacks. 

Post # 4 – School Bus Safety 

Even if your child doesn’t ride the bus to school each day, odds are that they will ride the bus at some point, whether it’s on a school trip or going home with a friend. These safety and etiquette tips are great for you and your child to know about. 

Post # 5 – Ease Into a New Environment

School will be new for your little ones or your child may be transitioning to a new school. Our experts share a few tips on some things you can consider in the transition. 

Post # 6 – Back-to-School for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Back to school is just around the corner and this time of year can be both exciting and stressful, especially for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Children may get nervous about starting a new school or going back to school. Make your child’s transition into the school year smooth with these tips.

Post # 7 – Learn About Sport Season Fractures

Many athletes are preparing for the the start of the sports season and that’s where injuriies can occur. Here are five things you need to know about fractures. 

Post # 8 – Hydration and Nutrition for Young Athletes

Cleats, check. Uniform, check. Hydration and nutrition? While preparing for the sports season requires getting the right equipment, our experts also suggest that your child has the proper nutrition and hydration before, during and after practices and games for student athletes. 

Post # 9 – Concusssions, Everything You Need to Know

What is a concussion? How to tell if your child has a concussion? Our sports medicine expert answers commonly asked questions about concussions. 

Post # 10 – Pedestrian Safety 

Many unfortunate injuries occur on the streets and being vigilant and alert with your family can help avoid scary accidents. The Injury Prevention Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles recommends the following safe-walking rules.


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