Trump Says kim tells to me he isn’t proud of missile take a look at, write constructive letter | Trump said- Kim despatched me a constructive letter, he isn’t proud of the missile take a look at


  • Donald Trump said on Saturday that he was written a letter by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un
  • Trump said- I think there may be another meeting between me and Kim, both leaders have met three times
  • North Korea, which has conducted four missile tests in the last two weeks, again conducted a missile test on Saturday.

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Aug 10, 2019, 10:53 AM IST

Washington. US President Donald Trump has said that he has received a beautiful and positive letter from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. According to Trump – his relationship with Kim has developed better. Meanwhile, the Kim regime conducted two more missile tests on Saturday. According to the South Korean news agency Yonhap, the missiles fell into the sea of ​​Japan.

'Alert for our test US-South Korea'

  1. Earlier in the last two weeks, North Korea has already carried out four missile tests. On this, Kim said on Tuesday that our tests are in a way a warning to the US and South Korea. He also termed the joint exercises of the two countries as violations of agreements with North Korea.

  2. 'May be the fourth meeting'

    Trump responded to Kim's letter on Saturday, saying, "I think he and I will have another meeting, he wrote me a three-page letter." The letter is positive and you will probably know the outcome of this letter. ”

  3. On the question of missile testing from North Korea, Trump said that Kim is not happy with these tests. He told me this in the letter. Kim has also written that his tests are short.

  4. There have been 3 meetings between the two leaders

    Trump and Kim have met Singapore (12 June 2018), Vietnam (28 February 2019) and the civilian territory of the Korean border (June 2019). North Korea has conducted 6 nuclear tests so far. In the first meeting, Kim and Trump agreed that North Korea would stop its nuclear program.

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