VIDEO: Youth flowed into the water in flooded river in Khargone. VIDEO: youth attempting to cross swollen river, younger man drowned in water inundation, clues not discovered even after hours

Rakesh Jaiswal / Khargoneh Three days of continuous rain is proving a disaster for the people of Khargone. Water is visible everywhere in the area and all the rivers and streams are in spate. In such a situation, even after strict instructions of the administration, people are risking their lives by risking their lives by crossing the rivers flowing at the ebb. A similar view was seen in Jhirnya, where flood water was flowing from the bridge over the bridge throughout the day. During this evening, despite the strong currents on the bridge, a young man had to risk his life and leave the river.

In fact, the young man was crossing the Ruparel river flowing over the bridge when he reached the middle of the bridge and he was also swept away by the strong flow of water. The incident took place on Friday evening, where in the evening the young man was trying to cross this bridge and was swept away due to the strong current of water. Since the incident, relief teams and people around have been looking for the young man, but he has not been known yet.

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Local people said that when the young man was trying to cross the river, he was stopped by shouting but he jumped and got swept away from the river. At the same time, a similar incident was also seen in Khargone's Barwah, where a motorcycle rider fell unchecked by the slippery rain water and fell under the pool on the small culvert on Toki Road from Dussehra ground.

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In the accident, one of the two youth riding on the bike died on the spot, while one seriously injured was brought to Barwah Hospital, from where he has been referred to Indore after first aid. According to the information received, the young man Mahesh's father Nana, 30 years old resident of village Dasoda, was sacked at his sister's house in Sulgav and Sirlay with his uncle. While returning from where he died in this accident.

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