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We might see an iPhone Professional this yr – jj

We might see an iPhone Professional this yr


Apple makes a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro. Soon there could be an iPhone Pro, too.

This unconfirmed report comes from a source with an unblemished history for leaking details about upcoming Apple products.

A post on Twitter from CoinX indicates, somewhat obliquely, that “Pro” will appended to the name of the iPhone 11.

It’s possible “Pro” will take the place of “Max” in the larger version of the iPhone 11. If so, it will be the second such change in two years, as the iPhone XS Max replaced the iPhone 8 Plus in 2018.

A reliable Apple source

CoinX isn’t as famous as some leakers, perhaps because he/she doesn’t post very often. But their predictions are on the money.

As just one example, they said in January “iPad mini is not dead. But the 9.7″ iPad will be gone, most likely.” A few months later, Apple introduced the first iPad mini in years and replaced the 9.7-inch iPad with the 10.5-inch iPad Air.

And this anonymous leaker  had the correct names for all the 2018 iPhone models a week before the announcement.

More about the iPhone 11 Pro

Many of the details about next iOS handset have leaked out already for myriad sources. Virtually all agree they will have the same range of display sizes as the current ones: 6.5 inches, 6.1 in. and 5.9 in. If this latest report is correct, the 6.5-inch model could be dubbed the iPhone 11 Pro.

The most significant change in both iPhone 11 models is expected to be a trio of camera lenses in a square “bump.” Previous high-end models have two, and the third will supposedly very wide-angle.

In addition, they could have reverse inductive wireless charging, allowing them to send power to another device, like the AirPods wireless charging case.

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