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Why did J Omprakash identify his movies with the letter 'A'? – jj

Why did J Omprakash identify his movies with the letter 'A'?


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J Omprakash Mehra

man Traveler Is, comes, goes, leaves memories on the way

Almost all lovers of film music will be familiar with this super hit song from the film Apnapan. When the director-director J Omprakash's 'Apnapan' was released in 1978, this song and the film created many new dimensions of success-popularity.

And now …. filmmaker J Omprakash of many super hit films like 'Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke', 'Aan Milo Sajna', 'Aap Milo Sajna', 'Aap Ki Kasam', 'Asha' and 'Aakhre Kyun' including 'Apna Apna' to this world Say goodbye to everyone. At the same time, many of our memories have been left in these moving paths of life.

The songs of all the films of Yoon J Omprakash, along with being popular, are remembered for their beautiful words and lyrics. But the song he loved the most in the songs of his films was the song 'Man Musafir Hai'.

Many people today remember him as a maternal grandfather of famous actor Hrithik Roshan whenever he talks about J Omprakash. But as a filmmaker in real sense J Omprakash has his own height.

There was a time when the name of his name was spoken. J Omprakash, then another name for success in the film industry.

Pinky, wife of Rakesh Roshan, is the daughter of J Omprakash. Due to this he was the father-in-law of Rakesh Roshan. But Rakesh continued to consider him more father than his father-in-law. J Omprakash made a few more films with his son-in-law Rakesh including 'Aankhen Aankhen Mein'.

On the other hand, Hrithik also made his debut in films at the age of 6 with his maternal grandfather's film 'Asha'. Later, Hrithik also did films like 'Near' and 'Bhagwan Dada' as a child artist with his maternal grandfather.

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Poster of the film On Meet Sajna

Relationship with Hrithik

J Omprakash and Hrithik i.e. these nana and grandson had a very beautiful, sweet and strong relationship. There was a lot of love between the two.

Even J Omprakash had written in his will that Hrithik would perform his last rites.

Recently, when Hrithik's film 'Super-30' was released, Hrithik had said, "My super teacher is my maternal grandfather J Omprakash." Hrithik used to fondly call him Deda.

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Film actor Hrithik Roshan with his maternal grandfather and famous filmmaker J Omprakash

Spot Boy Start career as

Born on 24 January 1927 in Sialkot, undivided India before independence, J Omprakash's father was a teacher in a school in Lahore. Hence, J Omprakash was also fond of reading since childhood.

After independence, Omprakash came to Mumbai. Where he decided to do something in the film line. But the path was not easy. Omprakash had to work as a spot boy.

In one of his personal conversations, J Omprakash once said, "I have been a spot boy or done some minor work in films but I always used to see how the directors film a scene. I kept learning a lot from it. "

On the other hand, J Omprakash used to see his father as his greatest guru from the beginning. He once said, "I learned from my father that what you are doing in life is more important than that you should always try to increase your knowledge in every work, considering yourself a student. We should not think that everything comes to us, but every moment there should be a desire to learn something new. "

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J Omprakash with his family

Aas tied with 'Aas Ka Panchhi'

After struggling for nearly 10 years in the film world, when J Omprakash came to know about the film genre, in 1960, he decided to make his own film by becoming a producer.

The film was named 'Aas Ka Panchhi', which was written by famous writer Rajendra Singh Bedi. In the film, the then rising hero Rajendra Kumar was taken as a hero and till then Vayjayanti Mala, who has become a superstar from films like 'Naagin', 'Devdas' 'Naya Daur' and 'Madhumati', was taken the heroine.

'Aas Ka Panchhi' was produced by J Omprakash, but to direct it, he gave the first opportunity to Mohan Kumar. When the film was released on January 1, 1961, it proved to be a hit.

However, it took him three years to make and release his second film 'I Milan Ki Bella'. Hero was also Rajendra Kumar this time but Saira Banu was the heroine of the film and she was accompanied by Shashi Kala. There was also Dharmendra in the film.

It is also interesting to note here that this is a film in Dharmendra's career in which he was in a negative role. While the direction of the film was also assigned to Mohan Kumar this time.

The film also proved to be a super hit and after that J Omprakash never looked back.

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Poster of movie asa

Family relationship with Mohan Kumar

In the film industry, J Omprakash is recognized as a good and successful filmmaker. Also, whenever I talked to all my people about him, everyone called him a good person. He was famous for building and maintaining relationships.

Mohan Kumar was also given the opportunity to become director for the first time by Omprakash from his film. The life and identity of these two was from the time of Sialkot.

But the two became very close friends while working together in Mumbai. This friendship became so close that J Omprakash's wife Padma married her sister to Mohan Kumar, making Omprakash and Mohan Kumar Sadoo.

Later Mohan Kumar himself became a producer and he gave many popular films like 'Anjana', 'Aap Aaye Bahar I', 'Amir Garib' and 'Avatar'.

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Mohan kumar

Made films with the letter 'A'

One of the biggest features of J Omprakash's films was that he used to name all his films with the letter 'A'.

In fact, after the success of his first two films 'Aas Ka Panchhi' and 'I Milan Ki Bella', he felt that the letter 'A' was lucky for him. Since then, he adopted 'A' completely.

After this, J Omprakash made films like Aay Din Bahar Ke, Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke, Aan Milo Sajna, 'Aankhen Aankhen Mein', 'Aap Ki Kasam', 'Invasion', 'Apnaan' , 'Aashiq hoon baharon ka', 'Asha', 'Near', 'Make yours', 'Arpan', 'Why finally', 'With you' and 'Man is a toy' etc. with all the letters 'A' Stayed

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Even Mohan Kumar, following his friend J Omprakash, made almost all his films under the name 'A'.

Mohan Kumar also used to take many such actors in his films who were also in Omprakash's films. This often led to confusion in the films of J Omprakash and Mohan Kumar at first glance.

On the other hand, J Om Prakash's formula of a lucky word was also adopted by his son-in-law Rakesh Roshan. Roshan has also named almost all his films with the same letter 'K'.

For example, 'Khudgarz', 'Kamchor', 'Khoon Bhari Maang', 'Kaho na pyar hai', 'Koi mil gaya', 'Krish' and 'Kaabil'. Later, J Omprakash's beloved hero Jeetendra and his daughter Ekta Kapoor also created a new history of success by keeping the names of all their serials and some films with the letter 'K' for a long time.

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Changes in the team with 'Aay Din Bahar Ke'

However, after two films, J Omprakash made some major changes in his team after his third film, Aay Din Bahar Ke.

One is that this time he has replaced Dharmendra with Hero and Asha Parikh as Heroine in place of Rajendra Kumar. Also directed the film to Raghunath Jhalani. On the other hand, where musician Shankar Jaikishan was earlier in his films, now Laxmikant Pyarelal came.

While 'Aay Din Bahar Ke' (1966) also proved to be a super hit, he repeated the same team including Dharmendra, Asha Parikh in his next film 'Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke' (1969). This film had given a huge flag of success at the box office.

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Asha Parikh also shared her memories

When I talked to the famous actress Asha Parikh of her time about J Omprakash on the phone, Asha Parikh also got emotional.

Asha Parikh told, "I have done three films with Omji. Incidentally the shooting of these three films was outdoor. These included 'Aay Din Bahar Ke' shooting in Darjeeling, 'Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke' in Kerala and 'Ane Milo 'Sajna' was held in Kashmir. I saw during that time that he used to take care of everyone so much that no one had any problem at all. "

Asha Parikh also states, "He had a very good relationship till now. When I was a trustee in the 'Film Industry Welfare Trust', he was also a trustee and we met often during his meetings. But since then he has been very sick. Since then I could not meet him. I was thinking of meeting him for a long time but could not go. I will always regret it. "

Sharing another memory of her with J Omprakash, Asha says, "I had a fracture in my toe during the shoot of 'On Milo Sajna' in Mumbai. But I went on shooting. Postponing the shooting caused a lot of damage. Was. While I had a lot of pain in my leg and I was not able to wear even the shoes. "

"When Omprakash ji came to know about this, he told me don't worry about shooting. Get x-ray done first. He took me to the hospital to get my x-ray done and it is fracture, then he advised me to rest.

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Asha Parikh

Direction handled by 'Aap Ki Kasam' Landed in

When Omji started his next film 'Aap Ki Kasam', he also took the reins of its direction. However, some people were skeptical about being successful in his direction.

Rajesh Khanna, Mumtaz and Sanjeev Kumar were big attractions of this film. Also this time he chose RD Burman for the music of the film. When 'Aap Ki Kasam' was released in 1974, the film destroyed many old records of success.

Before the interval, 'Aap Ki Kasam' laughing, showing romance and entertaining the audience after the interval makes the audience moist.

The music of the film became so popular that Jai Jai Shivshankar, on every person's tongue, keep turning, the whole night we go on the journey of life, which is like mukam and suno suna kaho kahi kya kya kya kya, songs like echoing everywhere Used to give

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All The movies Music became popular

If you look at Omprakash's films carefully, from his first film 'Aas Ka Panchhi' to his last hit film 'Aakhre Kyun', the song and music of all the films were very popular.

Actually, Omji had a very good understanding of both poetry and music. He knew the pulse of the audience well and he also kept a big focus on the music of his films.

Be it the mirror or heart of his film 'Asha' finally breaks and the good of 'Aa Milo Sajna', we go, my enemies of 'Aay Din Bahar Ke' crave your friendship, 'Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke' Whether it is a matter of not knowing the song with the song or whether the enemy of the song 'Aakhre Kyun' has done that work, the popularity that everyone has gained is not hidden from anyone.

Even today, these songs dissolve in the ears and have the power to reach the mind and the mind.

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J Omprakash Mehra

Rajesh Khanna is the most favorite actor

J Omprakash kept saying this and even after Rajesh Khanna's death, he said in clear terms that "Rajesh Khanna is the one I love the most".

Omji first film with Kaka in 1970 was 'On Milo Sajna'. However, for some reasons, he did not make this film from the banner of his film era, but made it with the banner of the film Kunj.

His name in the film was known as 'J Omprakash Presents'.

Whereas 'Aap Ki Kasam' was his first directorial venture with Rajesh Khanna. After this, he took Kaka in a guest role in 'Invasion'.

But Omg liked Kaka so much that after the guest appearance he filmed two songs on Rajesh Khanna in 'Aggress'.

Please also tell here that Omprakash wanted to take Rajesh Khanna in his films 'Asha' and 'Arpan' too. But due to his not getting dates, he took Jeetendra.

His 'Apnaan' and 'Asha' were also super hits with Jitendra. 'Arpan' was also a hit, but 'Apna Banao' and 'Man is a toy' could not work.

J Omprakash continued to make films till 2001. But after his immense success of 'Aakhre Kyun', which was released in 1985 in true sense, he did not have any other film. Even his last film 'Afsana Dilwalon' went unnoticed.

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Been ill for a year

J Omprakash was more ill for the last one year. Deepak Parashar, the nephew of Mohan Kumar, a relative of J Omprakash and the actor of the films Insaf, Aap Toh Aisa Naa Hai and 'Nikah', told me on phone in their conversation, "Om Uncle for the last seven to eight months. He was not able to speak, even drinking his food was running with the help of a tube. Although he was not in a coma. But he would open his eyes only occasionally. "

Here, Prem Sagar, son of the late Ramanand Sagar, the well-known filmmaker of J Omprakash's closest neighbor for years, does not get tired of praising J Omprakash's qualities and his goodness.

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J Omprakash with his family

Sagar told, "I have been watching J Omji very closely for years. He had complete knowledge of every area of ​​the film line. Even after giving so many super hits, he never had any ego. "

Most of Omprakash's films were family, as well as more emphasis on husband-wife relationship. पति पत्नी के संबंधों को अपनी फ़िल्मों में दिखाने वाले जे ओमप्रकाश का अपना दाम्पत्य जीवन भी बेहद अच्छा रहा. अपनी पत्नी पद्मा रानी और उनके बीच परस्पर समझ और मधुर संबंध अंत तक बरकरार रहे.

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