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1968 Baltimore Riots | WJZ-TV Uncooked Footage Reel – jj

1968 Baltimore Riots | WJZ-TV Uncooked Footage Reel

WJZ Raw news footage of press conferences and interviews in the days following the uprisings that took place in Baltimore, MD following the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in April 1968. Shared for historical purposes. From archive.org
1 Gov. Spiro Agnew discussing state of emergency in Baltimore City and Baltimore County, curfews, and executive orders
2 Street scenes in aftermath of riots
3 D’Alesandro press conference on the riots
4 General Gelston press conference on the riots
5 D’Alesandro press conference on the riots and proclamations
6 Traffic and street scenes, putting out fires, burned out buildings: Attman’s Delicatessen
7 Unknown business owner interviewed
8 Supermarket owner or employee interviewed
9 Unknown man and woman interviewed about looting
10 Press conference with civil rights leader on his meeting with Spiro Agnew and the intent to divide the black community
11 Street scenes, people sweeping sidewalks
12 Unknown man on insurance coverage after looting
13 People in line for food distribution
14 Unknown man on hope for the future and lessons learned
15 Press conference with D’Alesandro and others on the restoration of law and order
16 Unknown man on agencies and disaster relief services for refugees
17 Press conference with D’Alesandro



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  1. Black store owners put signs on business saying Soul Brother, people would not loot their places.Some people had new shoes pants coats,anything you wanted you could get.Alot of black people tried to get people to calm down. Washington DC when up in smoke to.But it started on Gay ST in East Baltimore, I was there when it first started. I remember it like it was yesterday.

  2. I was there way they first started looting on Gay ST.They call it the Old Town Mall now.Every store was cleaned out. The city was crazy.Stores were burning everywhere. Some white people made the mistake of riding through the wrong part of the city, they were attached. Some people had enough food and booze to last a month or two. National Guards riding around. You could smell smoke for about a month in the air. Seen people shooting at ease other.Some places in the city looked like a war zone.

  3. The mayor of Baltimore is the father of Nancy Pelosi. In addition, Spiro T. Agnew was flexing his “Law and Order” mentality. He was an outstanding candidate for Vice President in Nixon Administration. He was also one of the biggest crooks.
    The response was Burn Baby Burn!! This is when the tide turn. So when DACA, feminist, Asians, Non ADOS, and the LBGTQ movement comes and tells you that their movement is like your movement, remember these clips.
    At 21:15 Amazing this European immigrants can come to your neighborhood, take your money and still think negative of Black Folks. (That’s why their store got hit!!!)
    America understands violence. Just read Kerner Commission Of 1968.
    Ladies and gentlemen, there is a view of smoke and fire around the Capitol after the assassination of King. The nation looked at the abyss. Thank you for posting this.

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