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Three Johnny Greenback Exhibits The Zipp Matter-The Wayward Gun Matter-The All Too Straightforward Matter – jj

Three Johnny Greenback Exhibits The Zipp Matter-The Wayward Gun Matter-The All Too Straightforward Matter

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The Zipp Matter

Sponsored by: No Doz, Newport. A murder in a locked tool shed, but no gun is to be found. How come?

Johnny Dollar is in Las Vegas and is called upon to deal with a case concerning Willard Rayfield Swift a renowned gambler. Swift had inherited a large sum of money from his father six years ago, which he has steadily gambled away and then borrowed some. Now Swift’s Uncle Fred has died leaving an insurance policy of $120,000 to be divided up three ways. $40,000 will cover Swifts debts nicely but if any of the beneficiaries should die before the others the policy is split among the survivors. The insurance company is concerned that Swift will go to any measures to inherit all the money.

This show aired 5/27/1962 and starring Mandel Kramer.


The Wayward Gun Matter

Sponsored by: Newport, Sinclair Dino gasoline. Johnny’s none too happy when a killer is taken into custody…it’s him!

Mr Adolf Dorfman from Amalgamated Life Associates contacts Johnny Dollar concerning the Martin case, which Johnny calls the Wayward Gun Matter.

This show aired 6/03/1962 and starring Mandel Kramer.


The All Too Easy Matter

Sponsored by: No Doz, Newport, Sinclair. Altheus Broxton is having his cake and is eating it too…by way of arson! By the way, Broxton is eighty two years old and has a heart condition!

Insurance investigator Johnny Dollar is called upon to investigate a case of suspected arson.

This show aired 6/17/1962 and starring Mandel Kramer.

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