49cc four Stroke fuel skateboard motor goped Mannequin G3

We produce balance scooter,gas scooter,electric scooter,3 years export,almost for wholesale,please contact us at info@samezone.com skype:samezonegroup …



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  1. Поставить крепление седла на раму заднего маятника, инженер либо гений ебанутости либо мазахист.

  2. I weigh about a half ton and I’m wonder if it will go anywhere after I sit on it. The last one I tried by Razor, it was a Betty. Well let’s just say it seen it’s better days. I mean my fat hairy ass basically swallowed it whole, it was just awful I tell ya. The EMS workers came to my needs thankfully. They and a tow truck driver carefully pulled and plucked it out of my massive ass. The majority of it was in the deep, smelly crevice aka ass crack, but unfortunately my turd cutter swallowed up the seat. Indeed it was painful when they yanked it out, but I’ve had several bicycle seats and a John Deere tractor seat pulled from my ass in the past. I think one of the ten speed seats totally disappeared, weird thing is, idk what ever happened to it.
    Anyway the Razor Betty pocket mod scooter came out, again thankfully, I mean yeah it was in pieces, but it came out.

    Do you think your product could stand the ultimate challenge and take on my half ton fat ass?

  3. wot you doing you need to slowly ride it in wen you first start it let it stand there running for 10 mins that way your letting the oil flow around the engine if you put to much strain on the bike straight away you could blow it up so nice and easy little by little open up the frottle bit by bit the longer you can ride that like im saying the better it will be wen you think it's run in propley then you can give it some frottle

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