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Aries Week July 22, 2019 ♈ STILL ADVANCE – jj

Aries Week July 22, 2019 ♈ STILL ADVANCE

Dear friends of ARIES I leave you the general reading + tips for the week of July 22, 2019. (STILL ADVANCING).

I remind you that all the readings of my channel are general and that each one creates their future so they should take what is useful for them and if they do not feel identified or have doubts, I invite you to take a personalized reading to guide them Best way with this wonderful tarot tool.

Contact for personalized reading to whatsapp chile +56966356769
Thank you very much for your great support.


Link paypal international for personalized readings

Monthly promotion of a general tarot reading per week in different areas guidance and monitoring
Search for solutions, healing emotional problems etc.
Session of 45 minutes to 1 hour approximately by audio whatsapp or video call
Value 4 sessions 60 dollars.

Tarot session general reading several areas past present and future plus 3 questions
Session time 1 hour by whatsapp audio or video call
$ 23 value

Thank you very much for your support and love dear friends.

Below links of products for those who want to enter this wonderful world of tarot soon I will begin to take online tarot interpretation courses.

 (Oracle Angels)
 (oracle of Gaia)
 (Tarot Rider)
 (Marseille Tarot + book)
 (Book for beginners Reiki)

I also attach links to those who need help in personal or motivational improvement

 (Book the Secret)
 (Book the change)
 (Book the Alchemist)
 (Book the Meditation step by step)
 (Book for self-help and improvement Dalai Lama)


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  1. Hola, síi tengo una hermana internada y el domingo pasado saliendo de cuidarla me caigo y termino con una pierna enyesada ? Sí, yo trato de entender a otro pero quienes me entiende a mí. Desearía tener tu entusiasmo jaa Gracias! Saludos

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