Finest CRAPS Technique – flip $300 into $4000+

Watch me employ my strategy to turn $300 into over $4000. Practice for free at http://wizardofodds.com/play/craps/



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  1. Putting $300 on a table is not good. Why so much? I put $80 on last night and turned it into $550. By the 3rd to 4th roll with my strategy you should have gotten your buy in back plus using house money. And I was only at the table 15 min

  2. I just left Vegas and I worked the system at (ti), I lost the first $300 due to the pit boss being an arsehole about hitting the back wall so I went and got some rest and went back at 4am and hit for $3500 (profit $ 2900). It was about 4 people on the table playing and I found that the system worked better when I rolled the dice. The other players are not aware of the system. 14 times I rolled a 2 or 3 with the $75 on the Don't Come. I loved it when I hit my point and then roll a 7 on the come out roll and win that $75 Don't Come bet. This system work guys because once you get that $75 Don't Come bet on a number and place them bets, you literally have a cash machine. Mentally I never worried about crapping out because I was making $85. Stay with the system and only do it while you roll the dice and watch them green $25 chips start to pile up.

  3. Dealers don’t like taking down bets! And they don’t like helping win… this method is still very good. You’re loosing too much on the field. If you feel a seven is coming bet higher on the come bar instead of maxing odds above. A seven is rolled out of every six rolls normally

  4. People…if you aren't going to place maximum odds, LOWER YOUR BETS or find a lower minimum table so you can PLACE MAXIMUM ODDS AT ALL TIMES. This is a cardinal rule in playing these house games as it lowers the house advantage!!!!

  5. This is honestly the most interesting, fun, and (Whether you think craps strategy is a myth or not) lucrative betting strategy I have played yet since starting craps a month ago and exhausting every type of strategy I come across. It feels so aggressive but I feel way less "Oh no" when the dice settles with this than when I am playing some kind of iron cross bet or progressive press strategy. Sim'd 7 shooters so far and 5/7 shooters I profited from, with 4/5 of those shooters making 100$+ walk away profit for me with a 200$ bankroll (I was using 10$ start on pass followed by 50$ on my DC but other than that near identical unit per unit strategy. Thank you man this is some genius play

  6. When he's got 20X his PL bet on the DC and he's betting 3X, 4X, 5X odds on the PL and Come bets, it only takes 3 hits on those odds bets to make up for a DC loss. So say he's got $25 on the PL, he bets $500 on the DC, and he puts odds on his PL/Come bets and those bets pay 7X; 3 wins will be 21X and cover the DC. He also wins bigger on short hands with a bigger DC but Point 7-outs or Don't Come-out 7's will wreck him quick if 10 of those show up too soon (in his case fewer than that).
    I tried to play on WinCraps and had 6 point 7-outs in a row followed by a couple yo's on the DC come-out, then another 5 point 7-outs, then a couple yo's on the DC come-out. So I may win a bit on numbers on a warm hand but it gets destroyed by this BS. WinCraps learns my strategy then blows me away ASAP. I might do better laying the 6 or 8 for $120 instead of betting $100 on the DC despite the 4% HA. Maybe take the Lay Bet down when I've got 3 odds bets up, and put it back up on Come-outs. Nope, no better.

  7. What do you do if you have that Don't Come out on the second roll and they hit the same number they came out on to begin with on their second roll? What do you do with that large Don't Come that is on the table on the new come out?

  8. All these negative comments… with the right patience, bank management and knowing when to quit. It is very possible to come out a winner. I won thousands in casinos with craps. Probably the fairest game in the casino if you know what you are doing. The thing is, casinos pray on greed, hopes, impulse and addiction, so in the long run they are the winner.. knowing how to go home when you are hot and making money is a very difficult thing to do.

  9. Ty for posting..Had seen this system before.. I love it..Was just in vegas and used it 3 days and won money everyday.. This works on a 5 dollar table too. If ur scared u dont have to max odds every time.. Works good for extra comps too and as u said keep watch on dealers and take care of them.. They will help u out..

  10. Puts minimum pass line bet.

    Me: thumbs up

    Puta ZERO odds (best bet in the casino – expected loss of 0$)

    Me: stops video and posts comment about this ludicrous betting "system". FYI…Pass line bet without odds is one of the WORST bets…

  11. Its a lot of bullshit strategies on YouTube but this is the best one i've seen. About 4 yrs ago I won almost a 1000 using this strategy, and got to the point where i had 100 on my place bets. But thats when i should've quit. Ended up losing it all back. But it was a good lesson to learn and i had the money to blow so it didnt hurt too bad lol

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