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Finest Authorized Enterprise Practices with Andrew LeRoy – jj

Finest Authorized Enterprise Practices with Andrew LeRoy

Andrew’s practice concentrates on motor vehicle accidents, hunting accidents, sex abuse and nursing home negligence cases. Andrew enjoys fighting insurance companies, zealously advocating for his clients to get the most out of each insurance policy.

Prior to becoming a partner with Bautista LeRoy, LLC. Andrew was a plaintiff’s attorney for seven years handling complex product liability cases involving ATVs, Remington Model 700 rifles, tree stands and farming equipment. His products liability work has allowed him to develop a national practice handling cases in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Tennessee. This experience has allowed Andrew to gain a greater understanding of how insurance companies operate around the United States.

Andrew was recently recognized as KCMBA Young Lawyer of the Year in 2014. This award is given to a young attorney who exhibits significant community, civic and professional work through his/her practice. In 2017, Andrew was elected Section President of the Solo Practitioner and Small Firm Section of Kansas City Missouri Bar Association, where he works to help support starting their own law firms.

During this show we discussed…

•Tips for hiring the right lawyer
•Reasons you need to hire a lawyer
•Things you can do so you don’t have to hire a lawyer
•The best way parties can resolve issues without a lawyer
•Attorney consults you should do to avoid potential legal pitfalls
•Legal protections you need to have in place in order to avoid issues
•Things business owners should be aware of to avoid employment discrimination before firing someone
•What you should avoid when firing someone
•How to avoid sexual harassment claims
•Type of employment training needed to avoid sexual harassment claims
•Documentations business owners need that most don’t have



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  1. You aren’t a business so need no protection from anything. A person is a business. An llc is a business. A trust is a business. People run businesses but are not themselves businesses. No protection needed.

    But since it’s just monopoly with many game pieces, one builds the highest house of credit and credit cards possible before one cyclically knocks down the house of cards.

    Repair credit pr simply wait 7 years and do it all again.

    The bank never signs a contract so all debt by every bank is collected illegally. Credit repair is always legal. Once credit is wiped do it again. Simply good business practice.

    Now that’s good and profitable business practices in regards to debt. Legal too.

    Lather rinse repeat

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