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Billie Eilish on tour in San Diego, California | Cal Coast Credit score Open Air Theater | July 13, 2019 – jj

Billie Eilish on tour in San Diego, California | Cal Coast Credit score Open Air Theater | July 13, 2019



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  1. Why don't people in the concert just give the tickets to the fans that rly wanted to see and shout all the lyrics of her album? Dude you rly disappoint us, (us who can't really go in Billie's concert but trying to)

  2. ya and I'm representing all of the fans that didn't just know bad guy everyone in this comment area is just

    Oh my I'm so upset about the locals
    Omg if I was there I would have been jumping up and down
    Like wtf locals put down the phone and jump for my baby girl
    The crowd was shit like start singing the words!

    I mean wtf all u guys r just say that the whole crowd was shit when there were some locals that were screaming every word to every song and I will admit that the people behind me were in fact shit they said what song is this when the song six feet under came on and did the same for bitches broken hearts, I'm like girl really but I didn't say that because I didn't want to have an enemy for the rest of the day but ya so next time you speak hate about something that you didn't truly go to think about it BC that was the best day of my life. So next time all I ask is that think before you speak or in this case type.

  3. All these people on Instagram and stuff are complaining about the locals and shit which I get. But saying they do not deserve to be there is kind of rude though. Like you could spend your money on what you want, but I totally agree that the true fans should be able to be closer to her. Like there were so many locals who only knew bad guy who got barricade and it's kind of unfair to the true fans out there who actually want to get hype.

  4. damn as the video went on I became more and more disappointed in the audience, like tf. Yall cant just go to her concert and NOT know the god damn lyrics to ALL OF HER SONGS. If you don't know the lyrics to all her songs and you don't know the names to her songs, you aren't a TRUE fan!

  5. Fuck just let me go to one single fuckin concert I’ll forget about mobiles about fam even myself I’ll live with concert and enjoy they r just filming shit why wtf she’s right in-front if you bitches enjooooyyy

  6. it irritates me so much that only locals went to this concert. literally feels like they only knew bad guy and didn’t gaf ab the rest of the songs she had performed. no one is even jumping and half the people in the front row were just standing there or talking. i’m so mad that billie feels as if san diego has a bad crowd. i went to her 1 by 1 tour last year and it was so much more different. idk i’m just irritated. when she sand bbh the girl fucking recording only sang “all you botched broken hearts” and that’s it lmfao. how disappointing. i live in san diego and i’m kinda glad i wasn’t in that dead ass crowd. her concert last year was legendary and i’ll cherish that forever.

  7. to everyone who was NOT at the concert and was NOT present during the performances, please don't use this video as your OWN JUDGMENT. you were not there so you don't have any say, i was personally there and everyone was hype. i'd never ever let down the billie fandom like that, so don't believe everything you hear. if you weren't there you don't technically have a right to judge because once again you were not there. also it was an open air theatre meaning her songs and all the noises were open to the public and all the noise was going outside so fans overpowered her. & don't ever call fandom from a different state "fake" you have absolutely no right. very disappointed..

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