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DARK TO LIGHT: Time To Settle The Rating — SEVERE Anon – jj

DARK TO LIGHT: Time To Settle The Rating — SEVERE Anon

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**SEVERE ANON joins me to discuss the latest REAL NEWS, which probably means that this video is “not suitable for most advertisers.”**


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  1. On Twitter today, I saw both sides condemning the SAME things! Think about that, now really ponder it! People who this time last week were at each other's throats on very subject are starting to find common ground!!!

  2. one shooter no way, only had one 30 round clip? multiple reports of at least 3 shooters dressed in black and a hushed police report of one other shooter killed by police, smells to hell as an MK ULTRA operation to get our guns, more to come. spooky thought 3 suitcase 500 KT H bombs missing, only takes two men to carry or one very strong man, Barry stole them years ago, 4 were taken one was set off by a patriot naval admiral off South Carolina, disappeared in a long range admirals gig with only a few other men.

  3. they always go with the one gunman scenario because ONE guy with a rifle or a gun killing so many people is much more scarier than a bunch of guys 3 or 4 doing the killing and also when its 3 or more there are leads that could be given to us why and how this is going down
    coming up with a cover story for one guy is much easier than 3 or more
    and one guy seeming to do all this killing makes rifles and guns more scary so they can push the gun confiscation wet dream laws.

  4. The billionaire elite are untroubled by anything going on on the left. For example Warren Buffett still supported Hillary after she bleach-bitted her emails AFTER receiving a subpoena. But Warren Buffett will NEVER be called to account for his support for that evil woman

  5. I don't understand why some people tend to WANT to believe that people actually got shot in these completely FAKE SHOOTER DRILLS SOLD AS REAL. The MSM has provided ZERO evidence that anyone was shot, and have paraded the usual STUPID CRISIS ACTORS who CAN'T ACT. 99.9% of Televised Mass Shootings ARE FAKE.

  6. Epstein is dead in Federal custody, The elites pedophile child sex murderers , banksters,political class,FBI,CIA ,Wall street financial players ,judiciary ,Police hide their fraud,murders,rapes pedophilia and kill Epstein, time to burn all these bastards down

  7. NEWSFLASH!!! —– Add another name to the Clinton Body Count – this time it's Jeffrey Epstein.. Will the Clintons ever face justice? If it's up to Donald Trump, the answer is a thunderous NO!!! Trump has given all Fat Rat criminals, including the Clintons, a free pass. You disagree? The facts speak for themselves– NOT A SINGLE Fat Rat criminal has been taken out by Trump in his now 932 days as POTUS. No indictments, no prosecutions, no imprisonments and no confiscation of loot. Trump is a friend to the Fat Rats. I've been repeating this message for over 2 1/2 years.

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