Dying toll from storm in japanese China rises to 30 as storm strikes north | China: Greater than 5 million individuals affected by Lekima storm, 30 lifeless


Beijing: The death toll due to Hurricane Lekima in China's Zhejiang province has risen to 30, while 18 others have been reported missing. The officials gave this information on Sunday. According to the news agency Xinhua, most of the deaths occurred in Yongjia County, where rivers were blocked by landslides due to torrential rains. Barrier Lake was in spate and flood water swept people away. The provincial flood control headquarters said that about 10.8 lakh people have been evacuated to safer places and about 5 million people have been affected in Zhejiang.

Lekima knocked 187 kilometers per hour in Wenling, Zhejiang city on Saturday afternoon with high winds and brought heavy rain. In Zhejiang, the storm damaged more than 173,000 hectares of crops and 34,000 homes and directly caused an economic loss of 14.57 billion yuan ($ 2 billion).

The rescue operation is in progress. On Saturday, 1,600-year-old city Linhai was flooded due to heavy rains. The city was completely submerged and people had to be evacuated with the help of rescuers Inflatable Boat. Rescuers said that the flood waters started receding on Sunday.

More than 16 civilian rescue teams volunteered to rescue stranded residents in Linhai. Shanghai flood control officials said that about 253,000 people in the city have been evacuated to safer places as the storm moved towards Shanghai. Lekima is moving north on Sunday. It will knock on the east coast of Shandong province late Sunday evening.

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