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Incapacity pension attributable to cervical pathology. – jj

Incapacity pension attributable to cervical pathology.

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In this video we address the issue of whether or not it is possible to claim a permanent disability pension of a labor nature to those who suffer from a cervical pathology.

In the video we explain that cervical pathology and the different diseases and injuries that can be grouped in this type of ailments should be understood.

We also talk about the most common limitations they can cause, all from the legal point of view that not medical.

Likewise, in the video we explain how we act in our law firm to see if a person suffering from cervical pathology may or may not request a permanent disability pension for said specific illness.

We refer to the importance of medical reports of specialists that describe and objectify cervical disease and especially that describe specific limitations. We also explain the importance of analyzing the work place of the affected person to specify if the essential requirements of the same can be affected by these pathologies and limitations that they cause

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NOTE: All information contained in this video is purely generalist. Each case must be studied in detail and individually to know if these conclusions can be applied to that particular case. The viewing of the video and the reading of this text does not imply any contractual relationship with the law firm.


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