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Dr. Forest Tennant — Continual to Central Ache: Warning Indicators & Ideas – jj

Dr. Forest Tennant — Continual to Central Ache: Warning Indicators & Ideas

The session “Moving Beyond The Pain” delves into important warning signs that Chronic Pain is becoming Centralized Intractable Pain — commonly diagnosed as Central Pain or Intractable Pain. Then, get important pain care information you won’t get elsewhere–tips based on decades of pain research.

The talk is by renowned pain expert Forest Tennant, MD DrPH, As a dynamic speaker/writer/researcher/practicing physician, Dr. Tennant has an extensive knowledge about Chronic Pain — especially when it becomes a serious, life-threatening illness.

Dr. Tennant hopes you’ll watch & share this video with others! Get the AUDIO ONLY version of the talk here: http://youtu.be/-hZNttqEutQ.

Want more information? See http://ForestTennant.com for the tips discussed here & much more (FREE downloadable handbooks in the Patient Section). Also, for more on the impact hormones have on chronic pain care, visit http://HormonesAndPainCare.com. You may want to share these sites w/your physician as well as Practical Pain Management: http://ppmjournal.com. MOST IMPORTANTLY, ALWAYS DISCUSS POTENTIAL CHANGES TO YOUR PAIN TREATMENT–EVEN NON-PRESCRIPTION OPTIONS–WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN, ENSURING YOU HAVE THEIR APPROVAL *FIRST*!

See more videos from the 2013 Women In Pain Conference: http://forgrace.org/women/in/pain/C269. For more informative Chronic Pain information, join us every September in Los Angeles at the Women In Pain Conference hosted by the 501c3 nonprofit For Grace. For more info, visit: http://Facebook.com/WomenInPainConference or http://forgrace.org/women/in/pain_home. Donations are always appreciated! This annual conference is put on by dedicated/knowledgeable volunteers, not highly paid staffers!


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  1. Thank you dr tennant. For your compassion and your expertise on this topic …you're definitely an expert ..you are a smart man. These diseases are real n these politicians are playing doctor and playing with our lives.
    Much respect to you.

  2. Why does Radio Freqency
    abbrasion in the knee dont help a failed total knee replacement with pain, swelling & Inflammation? But ibuprofen & mobic does. But yet I can't have either. Is that why they always blame it on fibromyalgia because they dont know why?

  3. On Nov 22/2004 I suffered slip/fall. I was knocked unconscious, suffered fractured jaw, back, sacrum, coccyx. 2 X-Rays (Dec 2004) identified "Possible" spinal fractures. Everything possible was used by workers compensation to "DENY" medical investigation. I returned to emergency 5 times and was denied any investigation. – – 28 doctors / 2yrs. later my broken back was finally diagnosed. 5 Orthopedic surgeons / 3 neurosurgeons within a 3 yr. period Nov 2006 to Nov 2009 all refused investigation of specific complaint "Coccydynia" – "No Physical Examination – No MRI – No CT Scan, "t oOn Dec. 2 nd 2009 I was diagnsed with "Coccydynia" just like I had specifically complained. but was refused "ANY" investigation. Since becoming injured on the job in Saskatchewan Canada, "Everything / Anything" has been deliberately used by Workers Compensation" and their "Highly paid" contract doctors to Minimize the Severity of my workplace injuries. Even "Falsification of MRI scan results were used to state; "No Reason for PAIN Found" In Saskatchewan, Canada Workers Compensation is "ORGANIZED" Medical Insurance Fraud"= "Blatant Racketeering" Workers Compensation or WCB is a "Psychopathic Corporate Entity" in which WCB employees deliberately "Falsify" / "Fabricate" lies to "DENY" – :DENY" – "DENY"

  4. My heart breaks upon hearing Dr. Tennant was forced to retire bc he actually worked AS A DOCTOR and TREATED the UNTREATED. Medicine has lost a great champion. While I understand his retiring & I hope Dr. Tennant & his wife enjoy his retirement years, it's also disheartening. It's my hope that he will continue to do research that benefits us though. This great man has more of an understanding of pain & how to get it under some semblance if not complete control than any other doctor in this country if not the world. Thank you for the many years of service Dr. Tennant.

    Question: Dr. Tennant talks about getting hormone levels under control. How does one do this post partial hysterectomy (uterus removed due to severe distention following 2 high risk pregnancies 10yrs apart in term) when doctors refuse to continue to prescribe hormones after finding cysts (in my case 3 benign cysts in 1 breast tho both w/fibrous tissue, one considerably worse than the other but still so bad it's not possible to catch cyst formations upon mammogram w/ultrasound) despite being benign after removal & testing following surgery (breast cyst removal surgery, in my case)? I'm told that adding hormones to my body will make me more apt to suffer w/further cyst development, particularly so for malignant cysts that could lead to needing more than surgical intervention. I went thru early menopause with several years taking hormone pill but after the 3 cysts were located & removed, I was immediately taken off hormone therapy & told I had to tolerate menopause the best way I could but it wouldn't be with hormone replacement therapy. I thought I had gotten thru the worst of the menopause but over the past year or so, particularly since the severe reduction of my pain medication which was adequately controlled more than a year ago, almost 2 now, the pain is considerably worse, my ability to walk has worsened as has the pain in both feet (feels like I'm walking on hard, sharp gravel that's leaving bruises & feels like the bones are busting thru the skin in shards) and excessive sweating these days. I mean the sweating has reached a point where my clothes are drenched in sweat & nothing I do stops it. I've even resorted to applying Secret antiperspirant under my arms, down the front vertically btw my breasts & under each one to get at least a small bit of relief from the just dripping sweat. And still, I feel like my hands & feet are in a meat locker. I'm told it's the result of Raynaud's syndrome but geez I wish they had something to help with it. I'm fighting kidneys that require medicine to keep them functioning & can't take Tylenol or NSAIDs, OTC or RX. My inflammation results in the autoimmune diseases blood tests are extraordinarily high but I can't take anything, or I'm not supposed to take anything b/c of the damages these do to my body. My doc is trying his best to keep up w/what I need but his hands are so tied it's ridiculous.

  5. Dr. Tennant had to retire when the DEA raided his office in an effort to scare any other doctors that might even think about helping people with their pain by prescribing pain medications. It wasn't that Dr. Tennant was over prescribing, it was that they wanted to scare the other doctors. Dr. T was intrumental in developing treatments plans for patients that had complex medical needs. He usually started by ordering a genetics screening to be done so he could individualize the plan to treat the person discovering the best way to treat them by utilizing tools that many doctors overlook or ignore. He did so successfully, identifying evidence based options. He recognized that some people metabolize medications faster or slower, that the alteration or deletion of certain genes interfered with the way a person might process medications and he developed ways to identify conditions like centralization of pain. He was a medical genius and his methods of diagnosis and successful treatment of chronic pain patients made him a prime target because they contradict the misinformation being doled out to the public and our healthcare system employees. They thought if they could take him down, discredit him with lies and send a message to the other doctors that might have compassion for their patients, that they could further their own agenda with much more ease. Unfortunately, they were correct. It worked. So now we have lost one of the few doctors in this country that had courage to stand behind his convictions. What he signed up for, when he became a doctor, was clearly to help ill people. It's a scary, sick, sad world that we live in when things like this happen to good doctors and patients that suffer from pain that they didn't ask for, nor do they want. It's cruel and inhumane. Yet, they call it the war on addiction. The war on opioids. Those things sound really good to the public, it helps to smooth over the hushed genocide of those that suffer chronic pain every day of their lives. I personally think they would have taken the medications away from cancer patients as well if they thought they could get by with it. I already know 3, with terminal cancer, that have been denied pain control as it is. They look the other way when a doctor colors outside the lines, as long as they are doing so in compliance with their agenda, because if a doctor has the audacity to defy them, they attack. When the dust settles and people realize what has been done, they'll issue a public apology to all those that lost their loved ones unnecessarily. Those that were victimized simply for having chronic pain. Those that either went to the street, had a major health event due to uncontrolled pain or committed suicide to end their own suffering. Then they'll move on to the next phase of cutting the 'dead weight' from the system. Probably Social Security, but not before demolishing and revamping the healthcare industry to run more effiently, in regards to money, by latching on to control over other medications that are vital to the health and wellness of other patient populations. Like antibiotics, antianxiety meds and antidepressants. It's unlikely they will stop there, however. This is not a war on addiction, it's a mass system overhaul. It's a genocide. It's everything but what they are telling people it is. How do I know? I'm on the front lines of their war. By the time their done with me, I'll probably be a casulty. Unintended consequences with collateral damage. That's what are. Not human beings that have pain and suffer because that would make them the bad guys, now wouldn't it? People need to wake up. This is only the beginning. If we say nothing, we get nothing and we lose everything.

  6. God bless Dr. Tennant! Majority of doctors can LEARN a lot from this man. But I have to say, this video is 4 years old and look where we are at now with opioid medications! Oh yeah, changes were coming but no for the good of chronic pain patients!! We have been reduced and or taken off our much needed, medically necessary opioid pain medications. Thank god Dr. Tennant is still advocating for all of the millions of CPP's suffering from the CDC putting out FALSE information!! They flat out LIED about prescription opioid pain meds and that they are the problem making people die from overdosing when it is illicit Fentanyl and Heroin that is the problem!! The CDC need to be held accountable and the people involved prosecuted for lying to the public to push their agenda!! Speak out and lets get our voices heard!! I have CRPS in both my feet and legs plus other medical conditions and live a life of HELL now because of their LIES! DO NO HARM… we are they ones being "Pain Refugees" now! No doctors want to help us anymore, so we are suffering HORRENDOUS chronic pain and not being treated…left to die. Keep our voices out there and make them change this NOW!!

  7. Well now I am scared to turn into a vegetable. I have had pain in both arms and both legs elbow to wrist and from knee to ankle.For ten years I have had this problem with minor help. Because my doctors are not educated enough to see that my thalamus that has scar tissue on it is what Is causing my pain.Mine gets worse when I'm idle,and not terrifying while active. I am always scared of what my body can do to me.To me it works like this. It's like touching a hot stove your hand touches it sends signal to brain to move it. Well it's like my brain says hmmm you arms are getting crushed and your legs to. Also I have low testosterone. And probably three others I haven't got checked. How long before I am a vegetable ?

  8. Prescriptions of opiods has quadrupled in ten years while americans need has not gone up.

    1 out of 3 Americans get prescribed opiods yearly.

    Its not chronic pain. Its pharmaceutical industry pushed chronic addiction.


  10. Dr. Tennant you are one of the most respectable pain physician around. I do respectfully have a counterpoint to one of your beliefs though. You mention that the reason women feel less pain during pregnancy is from "Oxytocin". This is false, the actual reason women feel less pain is from MSC stem cells from umbilitical cord & baby. Scientist are now using the stem cells from after birth to treat many chonic diseases including chronic pain. Considering the mounting evidence, this is by far a way more likely scenario for why when women get pregnant their chronic diseases improve. Anyways keep kick ass !

  11. If any doctor in Maine sees this post and is willing to help me manage my intractable pain PLEASE contact me asap. Ty!!

    God bless this doctor for his incredible work and support of chronic pain patients! I need a doctor like this. I've lived with chronic pain for 36 years and have been abandoned by the system thanks to the war on drugs aka the war on pain patients!

  12. Maureen BZapMy pain centralized after disc surgery- it didn't help that the surgeon also injured me during surgery by pulling so hard on my arm that my bicep tendon was torn to shreds…(for some reason the tears didn't show up on multiple MRIs, and I only last week was confirmed by surgery to have this painful torn bicep …. seven years after the injury) I'm thankful to be under the care of a pain Dr like Dr Tennant- who understands that he is treating me to reduce pain AND I still search daily to learn more/possibly find a cure for my pain. The struggle is real Re: teaching coping skills and leaving pain patients to deal with itNot only am I a pain patient, I also have lost a friend to pain: a beautiful successful mother who was "treated " by a clinic who pulled her off her medication (when she was still in enormous overwhelming pain) and instead taught her " coping skills"…. within two months after she graduated from their program she committed suicide. How is that merciful? First, do no harm? It's like not using a tourniquet and watching a person bleed to death because someone else (an addict) used a tourniquet when they were injecting drugs.

  13. Hyperbaric Oxygen and Loretta Neurofeedback are two treatments I am focusing on. Has anyone had experience or have knowledge in this form of treatment? I am using 2 ATA (HBOT) Hyperbaric Oxygen..again. I also take Omega 3, Glutathione and Amino Acids, Phosphatidylserine and Vinocetine, Niacin, Vitamin C powder and others.

    Anyone have any new treatment ideas? I am broke not just financially but emotionally with no family. Abused in the system as a number and treated as a hypochondriac and/or drug addict. People including all types of medical practitioners need to educate themselves on almost ''terminal'' pain condition.

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