Get correct quantity of Daylight for ample vitamin d ranges in physique | In case you are troubled by issues like physique pens and weak point, then do small work, you’re going to get quick relaxation.


new Delhi: Rapid weight gain, Muscles and joint pains, feeling of needless weakness and lethargy throughout the day are common problems. Most people stress these problems with exhaustion and lack of sleep and become relaxed. Actually, lifestyle is also changing rapidly. In such a situation, neither the time of getting up nor the sleep is fixed. Sometimes you eat more than you need and sometimes it happens that you are hungry all day, because you do not have time to eat. Despite the changed lifestyle, if you are constantly facing problems like exhaustion, pain in full swing, then you need to be careful.

Nutrition Kanika Khanna says that such simple problems are caused by lack of vitamin-D in the body. Kanika says, if this kind of pain is happening continuously, then first get blood tests done and find out what is the level of Vitamin D-3 in your body. If its quantity is less than needed in the body, then such problems will continue. Kanika Khanna even says that about 70 percent people in India are deficient in Vitamin-D. They also deal with such problems, but do not consider it disease and everything goes on.

Sun rays are considered to be the largest natural source of vitamins. Therefore, to maintain the amount of vitamin in the body, it is necessary to take sunbath (stand in the sun for some time) four to five times a week. The time before 8 am and after 4 pm is considered most suitable for sunbath. During this time, spread your hands in the sun without covering your face. Taking sunbath for 15-20 minutes will never result in vitamin-D deficiency in life.

If you are also slim, then this way you can increase weight

Apart from this, salmon, sardines, fish, poultry and meats contain plenty of Vitamin-D. Those who are vegetarian should include sunflower seeds, soybean products, dairy products and low fat food in their food. Never use vitamin-D medicine, injection or powder from your mind. Unless doctors recommend it, do not consume it at all.

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