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Jammu and Kashmir Police stated, 'Not a single bullet was fired within the final 6 days': 5 large information – jj

Jammu and Kashmir Police stated, 'Not a single bullet was fired within the final 6 days': 5 large information


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Jammu and Kashmir Police Chief Dilbag Singh said that not a single incident of violence has happened in the state on Saturday.

Singh said that the ban on the movement of people and the means of communication is gradually being removed. After the news of violence in Jammu and Kashmir in the world media on Saturday, Dilbag Singh said that things are normal and there has not been a single incident of violence in South Kashmir.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also criticized the Modi government's decision on Jammu and Kashmir citing these media reports on Saturday.

Dilbag Singh has said that restrictions will be reduced on Sunday so that people can celebrate Eid-ul-Zoha. Eid-ul-Zoha is on Monday. Singh told the journalists that their eyes are on the situation and what is being said about the violence is false news.

Jammu and Kashmir Police has also released its statement by tweeting. In this tweet it says, "Not a single bullet has been fired from the police in the last six days. Things are calm. People are cooperating and restrictions will be reduced. ''

Curfew was imposed in Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday last week and communication channels were also stopped. This was done as a precaution before Jammu and Kashmir ended its autonomy under Article 370 in the Constitution. However, Dilbag Singh has said that there have been cases of throwing stones at some places in Srinagar.

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142 people died due to heavy rains in four states

Due to continuous torrential rains, the death toll in Gujarat has increased to 22. The Saurashtra region of central Gujarat has been receiving torrential rains for the past several days.

On the other hand, in Kerala, the death toll has reached 57. In Karnataka and Maharashtra, life is disturbed due to heavy rains. The death toll due to heavy rains has reached 142 in four states.

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Pranay Roy's daughter accused of government

On stopping the news channel NDTV founder Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy from going abroad, their daughter has said that her parents are being harassed.

Independent filmmaker Sonali Bose has written in a Facebook post, "The government is not following the process of arrears and is arbitrary. This is a terrible time. The government is deliberately attacking the freedom of certain people.

Sonali Bose has written that her father is fully cooperating with CBI in the loan case from ICICI Bank. Bose said that neither the CBI nor the court had refused to go abroad.

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900 autorickshaw licenses canceled

In the case of refusal to move to Mumbai, 900 auto licenses have been canceled. The driver appealed against this decision, but the court has also rejected his application.

The Regional Transport Office of Mumbai has canceled 918 autorickshaw driver's licenses. Now these 918 autorickshaw drivers cannot drive anywhere in the country.

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Protest against Putin

Tens of thousands of protesters took part in anti-government demonstrations in Russia on Saturday. Nearly 50,000 people attended a rally in Moscow. A contingent of about 500 protesters broke away from the others and proceeded towards the office of President Vladimir Putin, who was stopped by the anti-riot police squad on the way.

Police has arrested more than 150 people. Demonstrators demand that free council elections be held in the country. Opposition leader Alexander Solovev told the BBC that he was not being allowed to contest the election.

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