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Legislation too strict for movie star in client invoice – jj

Legislation too strict for movie star in client invoice


The Consumer Protection Act 2019 has been passed in the Rajya Sabha after the Lok Sabha and with this the rights given to the consumers have also become more widespread.

After the passage of this new Consumer Protection Act, companies will now have more responsibility to ensure that the advertisements of their products are not misleading and in line with their product claims.

It also states that if a celebrity promotes a product in which the claim is something else and the truth of the claim is something else, it will also be fined.

This bill was long overdue. This bill was passed in the Lok Sabha only on 30 July. Now, after being passed by the Rajya Sabha, this bill will replace the Consumer Protection Act 1986, which is more than thirty years old.

During the introduction of this bill in Rajya Sabha, Union Minister of Consumer Affairs Ram Vilas Paswan said that this bill will also help in getting justice to the consumers quickly.

During the introduction of the bill in Rajya Sabha, Ram Vilas Paswan said that it is a pending bill for a long time.

He said that many efforts were made in this regard, but each time for some reason it could not be passed.

Ram Vilas Paswan said that this bill is related to the public interest and no one should dispute it. All those suggestions have been included in it.

He told that this bill also came in 2011. First it was sent to the Standing Committee and in 2012 the Standing Committee gave its report on it. After this, once again this bill was sent to the Standing Committee in the year 2015 and the committee returned it with 37 recommendations. Except only five of them, all the other recommendations have been included in it.

Ram Vilas Paswan said that many members had sought to include healthcare but due to the Supreme Court's decision it has not been included in it.

What new consumers will get from the Consumer Protection Act 2019?

Consumer courts in India operate at three levels – at the national, state and district levels.

According to an estimate, about 20,304 cases are pending at the national level, while one lakh 18 thousand 319 cases are pending at the state level and more than three lakh 23 thousand cases are still pending at the district level.

According to earlier law, the system was that from where the consumer used to buy goods, he could complain there. Now it will be arranged that anyone can complain on their mobile from anywhere.

– Now there will be no need to plead in such cases. The consumer can see his case on his own.

– If the decision has been taken in favor of the consumer at the district level and at the state level, then at the national level the other party will not have the right to go against it.

Also, a Consumer Protection Authority has been formed which will look into all the three types of complaints before, during and after the purchase.

Earlier there was a single action but now class action will be taken. For example, if there is a serious technical defect in the engine of the car, then it will be assumed that not only the engine of that car but the other cars are made with that car, all of them can have the same technical fault in the engine. is.

– If an advertisement is misleading, then three categories have been kept for it- Manufacturer, Publisher and Celebrity.

If the officer wishes, he can impose a fine of Rs 10 lakh on the producer and the person promoting it for misleading advertisement or can be sentenced to jail for two years.

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What do experts say?

While presenting the bill in Rajya Sabha, Ram Vilas Paswan said that it will prove to be a historic bill. But do experts believe the same?

In 2014, a committee was formed to amend the Consumer Protection Act, with one member Pushpa Garima.

Pushpa Garima says that there was a suggestion of that committee that a regulatory body should be created so that consumers can get justice easily and their rights should not be lost anywhere.

There is such a system in this new bill which is definitely in favor of consumers.

She also supports the matter of imposing fines on celebrities.

Pushpa says, "In our country, such drinks are sold in a quantity which contains a lot of sugar and these things are propagated by the people on whose face we believe. But this is not true."

She says that this is a better step. With this, celebrities will understand that they should work by understanding the responsibility related to what they are promoting.

At the same time, a consumer Sridhar Bhanu also welcomes this decision. They call it a good step.

He says, "The best thing is that an effort has been made to make the justice process simple and fast."

Sridhar says that he had a case of his own in the Consumer Court which took four years to finish. In such a situation, this bill, which talks about ending the case in 21 days, is a very commendable step.

Although Sridhar does not fully believe in the matter of 21 days, but he says that even if the matter is resolved even in six months, the consumers will be helped a lot.

He says that the best thing in this new bill is that the step taken to curb misleading advertisements is the biggest and commendable step.

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