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Updated: June 12, 2018, 10:46 AM IST

From stock market Earn Money It is not very difficult. If you gather information about the listed companies in the stock market and understand its business model, then no one can stop you from making money. To ease your difficulty, experts have suggested Yes Bank. By investing money in it, you can earn 30 percent profit in a year. Let's know about it …

Yes Bank The stock can achieve a target of Rs 445 in 12 months. Meaning that by applying 10 thousand rupees, you can get 14 thousand rupees.

Stock performance

Let's first look at the performance of the stock: –one week: Rolled 1 percent
three months: Up 8 percent
Six months: -8 percent rolled

One year: Rose 13 percent

Why buy

Gaurang Shah of Geojit Financial Services has chosen Yes Bank as a value pick and recommends buying from the perspective of the next 12 months. He believes that in the next 12 months, these shares can achieve the target of Rs 445. Gaurang Shah's advice is that Yes Bank's results in the fourth quarter have been very impressive, due to which there is a possibility of a boom in the coming days. The bank gives loans to big sectors like corporate, retail, consumer durable, vehicle and since these sectors have good growth potential, it will improve the bank's loan book.

Profit up 29 percent
In the fourth quarter of FY 2018, Yes Bank's profit grew by 29 per cent to Rs 1179 crore. In the fourth quarter of FY 2017, the profit of Yes Bank was Rs 9.50 crore.

Income increased by 31.4 percent

In the fourth quarter of FY 2018, the income of Yes Bank increased by 31.4% to Rs 2154 crore. In the fourth quarter of FY 2017, Yes Bank had an income of Rs 1065 crore.

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First published: June 12, 2018, 10:10 AM IST

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