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Michael Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell: It was Simply Appalling from Each Perspective on Each Stage. – jj

Michael Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell: It was Simply Appalling from Each Perspective on Each Stage.

Michael Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell: It was Just Appalling from Every Perspective on Every Level. It was an Embarrassment for Mr. Mueller (VIDEO)


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  1. If AG Barr is such the great guy everybody says he is, then WHY is McCabe Hillary, Comey and so many others still running around on a book tour and not in jail? The American people want ACTION…….NOW!!!!

  2. Will Mueller actually have any responsibility for any fraud he has committed? 16 years later, & we ignore his lies regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He has been & remains a mouthpiece who is paraded about to put a respectable face on a farce.

  3. Rep. McClintocks's questions really stood out and goes directly to the credibility of the team Weissmann assembled. Would love to hear more detail about the Kilimnik/Manafort connection as well as the threat of holding Weissmann's prosecutors in contempt by U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich. McClintock's Concord/IRA questioning starts at: 2:56 in this judiciary committee video: https://youtu.be/i_XHcZR7zf0

    McClintock's Questions:
    1. "Why did you edit the transcript of John Dowd's (Trump's former atty) phone message to General Flynn's atty, (Robert Kelner) in November 2017?"

    2. Konstantin Kilimnik was a State Dept intelligence source, but, "yet no where in your report is he so identified". Why did you omit that part of the Kilimnik narrative from your report? (1:532:56)

    3. "Did your May 29th press conference have anything to with the fact that the previous day the judge threatened to hold your prosecutors in contempt for misrepresenting evidence?"




  4. It wasn't just one former British Intelligence Agent who got involved it was the whole of British Intelligence who monitored a Presidential candidate during a US election by setting up members of his campaign in sting and entrapment operations involving western intelligence assets disguised as Russian Agents. This could not have happened without authority from the very top of the Obama administration and would have involved Brennan & Lynch who both should have known better.

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