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No Free Commerce deal for Eritrea Ruler even when he indicators it, no parliament to ratify – jj

No Free Commerce deal for Eritrea Ruler even when he indicators it, no parliament to ratify

9 July 9, 2019 Niamey, Niger – Eritrea has not signed the AfCFTA because Eritrea is the only African country without a legislature (Parliament) required to ratify …


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  1. Why is Eritrea the only country remaining? Answer: dictatorship. We have a man who sees any sort of possible reforms as a threat to his remaning in power. There exists no other reason. Otherwise, Eritreans as people can't wait to see this trade agreement in operation.

  2. Eritrea is a country with a principel. It is a country with Selfrelience Ideologi, and has paid high price to get the independet and become free from western neo colonialism agenda. Eritrea always support the unity of Africa, but It need time to study properly the freetrade agenda, since it Just came out of western sanctions and Trap for 4 month ago.

  3. He who rejects the submission to the west is branded as a dictator and he who is willing to Serve his western masters is praised and offered the red carpet. Our resilient lear is NOT that type. History has a lot to tell about those who had silenced by the hegemonic west. The time is coming to an end the time that the organization s that have been acting as an anchor to the western agendas gonna history once and for all.

  4. Well he is busy whom to kill?????????????????? How to kill
    He thing he the intelligent man in Africa ??????????????????
    He working on how to divide eritrean
    And we are so embarrassed in front of the world‼??????????????

  5. eritrea ?? p.s diktator 10000000% no parlament no constitution . no free any trade,all peoples isn't free travel anyway inside and out side b/s all people to ilegal cross border .p/s human rights attention to eritrea ??

  6. I am sad that Eritrea is reach of nature the very strategically important country ,,,but the luck of unity of it's people / the weakness of it's people/ not b/s of isayas anymore pleas pleas,, but love from tigray ,, of courts non of my bissiness ,, sorry ( fulut titsarefu kemzikonkum efelit esas natkumya ) ,, niwuhudat eyom esomwun dikalu wet fuluy shigr zelewom

  7. That is the president we have got. You can't take it anywhere. Pure dictator who doesn't want Eritreans to interact with thier African brothers and sisters. Africa can't move forward with long term serving leaders such as Isayas Afeworki of Eritrea ( 28 years). I can not understand why he is not cooperating common interest.

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