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One-Line Rebuttals: Pascal's Wager – jj

One-Line Rebuttals: Pascal's Wager

This video briefly covers the non-argument of Pascal’s Wager, and delves into a much more insidious aspect of religion and dogma; fear of punishment, a tool that is inherent to both that ultimately fools people into being controlled.

Also, an instant message interrupts me mid-sentence, and I confuse Blaise Pascal for the wager fallacy. Enable annotations for the correction.


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  1. All they do is dance AROUND the whole thing! Look, all you people talking about Pascal's Wager must be brand new to it.  PW has always been Christian apologetics and has always been applied to whomever is on the other side of the dialog/debate.

    It has ALREADY been used against Islam.
    It has ALREADY been used against Jehovahs Witnesses.
    It has ALREADY been used against Moonies … Mormons … Catholics … pseudoChristians … Rasta … Nation of Islam, etc, etc, etc.

    So, to try and hide behind dead mans bones (religions that have already FAILED against it) is not a defense.  In fact, its weak to dig up a grace and ask a dead men to defend you.

    Secondly, adding "other Heavens and other Hells" is ALL wrapped up in the religion.  Duh.

    It is abysmally ignorant to suggest that it "ignores other religions" when its very foundation is CHRISTIAN {APOLOGETICS}.  Good grief that ignorant.

    Now, I know that atheism is growing (though you are still a very small % of the planet) and you are "noobs" to all this, but seriously, LEARN what you debate.

    Now, why is PW important?  Because almost every modern religion BORROWS and DISTORTS from the Bible. Why? Is that were the Truth is?

    So, why does Islam, Nation of Islam, 5%, Moonies, Oneness Pentecostals, Mormons, Jehovahs Witnesses, politicians, psuedoChristians, cults, doomsayers …. ALL borrowing and distorting?

    You atheists are LATE to this game.  Learn the rules and try and catch up.

    Now, ask YOURSELF … what are YOUR chances?

  2. @EdwardHowton Thanks so much for the Iron Chariots page (very helpful) I needed to read the full version of "The Wager" for a philosophy project Im doing that is why I was asking (After countless websites I finally found it, and it sure is LONG). I had a hard time understanding his premises at first so thank you for posting this rebuttal, It helped me out BIG time!

  3. Have you seen this recent video about Blaise Pascal by SisyphusRedeemed? It suggests that Pascal may have meant his wager to be a poetic way of marrying mathematics and theology rather than a serious argument for belief.


  4. It's a good video except for when you asked why some people need punishment to stay in line. From my own experince, and observation of other's I think it is because they do not hold the same value of society and their peers as people do, so they find that stealing, lying etc. is more convenient for them rather than going through honest or normal means. I'll look around to see if I can find any scientific evidence for this to solidify my view.

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