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Powerlifting Bench Press Exercise Routine + Tricep Extensions and Shoulder Work – jj

Powerlifting Bench Press Exercise Routine + Tricep Extensions and Shoulder Work


Dynamic Effort Bench Workout. This is a video clip of a workout I did on January 3, 2009. Its a typical West Side Barbell powerlifting style workout that consists of dynamic effort benches with approx. 50% of 1 rep max for 8 sets of 3 reps. Rolling dumbbell extensions for 4 sets of 8 reps. Side lateral raises and bent over lateral raises for 3 sets of 10 reps each. Afterwards I finished up with some stretching for the muscles I just worked.


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  1. Why do you put smaller plates on the barbell first? Does it help keep them from clanging around? I've always put the biggest plate first and put the back side facing out with the face side facing toward each other and the bench to help with stabilizing the weight.

  2. Is this seriously it for volume? You're a big guy, you can't tell me you've gotten that size & strength on your bench by simply doing 4 exercises 18 sets total? Or am I dead wrong? I'm 6'4 and my 1RM is 155 on bench (I blame my 78" wingspan), but I believe in high volume training for growth & strength. Should I tone it down to 75 lbs and just do 8 explosive sets? Elliott Hulse suggested doing something very similar, start with 5×5 then tricep extensions for 4 sets 6-8 reps then speed pushups 3 at a time.

  3. Hi, first I want to say, I knew you were from the east the moment I heard you talk! Luv the accent! LOL
    I do have a serious question tho (although I know this is an older video)… when you do your bench routine of 3 reps for 8 sets, do you increase or change the amount of weight with each set?

  4. As a former power lifter and bench press record holder – I can say after watching this video. This guy knows exactly what he's doing – unlike some of the video's on the subject. Makes me want to get back into the gym. I used different training methods when I was active…. enjoyed seeing different techniques.

  5. hey lee, i have a few questions on the form. i am really tall and cant get under the bar with that strict form that powerlifters have, what things can i do to work on that mad arch. and 2, is it a good idea to put some 45 pound plates under the legs of the bench to add height so that i can ppractice that form?

  6. @MastaHowa for a number of reasons. 1 its for speed, explosiveness. 2 its for the opposite end of putting heavy stress on the joints, while you are still working the muscle you are not killing the joints. 3 the central nervous system gets used to the movement. 4 in 3-5 week cycles you move the percentage up 5-10 percent a week to focus on moving the weight explosively, but evenly and accuarate on ALL reps from begining to end. you do 2 workouts a week. one really heavy, and 1 for speed.

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