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Samsung's Galaxy Tab S6 is the primary pill with HDR10+ help – jj

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S6 is the primary pill with HDR10+ help


Samsung finally announced its latest flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S6, at the end of last month. It’s fairly expensive at its starting price of $649, but it has nearly every imaginable feature. It turns out one of those features is HDR10+ certification, making the Tab S6 the first tablet ever to support that standard.

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, allows a greater degree of contrast between the lightest and darkest parts of an image, making movies and TV shows look a bit more realistic. There are already a few phones that support HDR10+, including the Galaxy S10 and Note10, but the Tab S6 is the first tablet with the certification. Even Apple’s own iPad Pro lineup only supports regular HDR (and Dolby Vision).

Samsung said in a press release that Amazon Prime Video will support the HDR10+ mode. Netflix doesn’t seem to offer HDR10+ content at all right now, only HDR and HDR10.

The Galaxy Tab S6 is the First Ever Tablet to Support HDR10+

The Galaxy Tab S6 is the latest in Samsung Electronics’ innovative tablet range, packed with intuitive and high-performing features to help you do more. For the first time on a tablet, users of the Galaxy Tab S6 are able to enjoy content and media like never before, as it has become the world’s first tablet to receive the HDR10+1 certification and support next-generation high dynamic range (HDR) video.

The Galaxy Tab S6 has achieved the esteemed HDR10+ certification after extensive quality testing, marking the first time the official HDR10+ logo certification standard has been applied to a tablet. The next-generation open standard for HDR video, HDR10+ optimizes brightness levels to deliver a truly immersive viewing experience, letting users enjoy content exactly as a creator intended it to be seen.

Going even further than static HDR10, which enhances the color and contrast of media, HDR10+ applies dynamic tone mapping to each specific scene, continuously fine-tuning settings as content plays to create richer, more vivid color, and better light and shadow detail. For the very first time on a tablet, HDR10+ is now available for users of the Galaxy Tab S6.

An HDR10+ certification makes for a truly immersive viewing experience, and combined with the Galaxy Tab S6’s Super AMOLED display, plus AKG and Dolby Atmos® sound, users are able to live and breathe the action when enjoying their favorite media, viewing their creative portfolio or catching up on their favorite television shows. With the Galaxy Tab S6, users can enjoy their favorite content in HDR10+ from Amazon Prime Video in stunning, state-of-the-art detail, just as it was intended to be seen.

The Galaxy Tab S6 is not the first device in Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem to be leading the industry in terms of immersive screen quality; earlier this year, the Galaxy S10 became the first mobile device to support mobile HDR10+ and the Galaxy Note10 also received the HDR10+ certification. With this latest announcement, Samsung Electronics continues its commitment to developing displays that constantly raise the bar and provide users with the best-possible viewing experience yet.

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