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The West Wing – "C.J, you fell into the pool there." – jj

The West Wing – "C.J, you fell into the pool there."

From The West Wing, Season 2, episode 2 – “In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part II”


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  1. Its this scene that makes me think CJ and Toby had an affair. The only way you react so cool to someone falling in a pool is if you;ve seen them naked.

    Then she says avert your eyes and he laughs like – I've seen it all before – and she shrugs and admits he has.

    Best couple in the West Wing and thats a tough field.

  2. I had to come here because of all the depressing current political news that I get too involved in. I needed something more altruistic, hopeful, and yes, a laugh for a change. And CJ is too sexy for her shoes !!!

  3. I started watching this when Channel 4 (UK) showed it years ago. I started having a crush on Alison Janney, probably because of CJ. I love women like CJ. She is smart, intellectual and sassy. She has an understanding of her place in the world and she has to be smart 24/7. I love that sort of woman. I now know Alison a bit more through other work and still think she's fabulous. She also has the most amazing body…

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