What did BJP MP say when Sonia Gandhi turns into Congress President? | bjp mp satyadev pachauri assertion on sonia gandhi



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Updated: Sunday, August 11, 2019, 16:43 (IST)

Kanpur. On making Sonia Gandhi the acting president of the Congress, BJP MP from Kanpur Satyadev Pachauri quipped that if she had been in power, she would have declared herself Bharat Ratna. He is in opposition, so he had to satisfy himself by declaring himself as acting president.

bjp mp satyadev pachauri statement on sonia gandhi

'Sonia Gandhi was afraid'

The MP tweeted his comment on Twitter. On this tweet of the MP, when he was questioned about Sonia Gandhi, he said that Rahul Gandhi had resigned after being sentenced. Rahul Gandhi was not successful and did not want to give power to anyone else. Sonia Gandhi feared that if Congress did not remain in the Nehru dynasty, it would cease to exist. Sonia Gandhi is being cheated from the Congress party by making him the acting president, only she will be made the president.

Congress party command in Sonia Gandhi's hands again

Let me tell you, once again, the command of the Congress Party has come in the hands of Sonia Gandhi. After a long battle of nearly 72 days, the party's incumbent has been handed over to Sonia Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi resigned from the post of party president, taking responsibility for the 2019 elections, since then Rahul Gandhi's mood was going on, but Rahul did not agree and after Mathapacchi once again his mother Sonia The party's responsibility has come on Gandhi's shoulder.

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