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Graffiti, Tagging, and Removing in L.A. Metropolis – jj

Graffiti, Tagging, and Removing in L.A. Metropolis

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Graffiti and tagging is a huge problem across L.A. City, and a full time job for hundreds of people. We went on a ride-along with Eulogio from Pacific Graffiti Solutions, and spoke to the CEO, Yvette Neal about the problem. We saw how the non-profit contractor for the City removes the Graffiti, using chemicals, paint, and a high-pressure sand blaster.


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  1. This is so retarded on so many ways like stfu, "if there is a beautiful mural on a wall without permission i would cownt that as gwaffiti" like stfu there is no point of asking permission because thats basically asking for jail.

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