M7 JANET [PPU] President Yoweri Museveni and his wife Janet Museveni have renewed their marriage vows, toasting to love and friendship at a colorful …



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  1. The Musevenis were a joke.Janet loose weight you look ugly witch and as a woman ashamed,since you claim instead of spending so much money why don't you go to mufumbira,Mulago hospital and your expensive gowns does not make you godly and poor bishops were supposed to bless them,cause l am sure no one who loves God Almighty would commit such crimes against innocent people.Musewenis you and your whole family is cursed and that you will see in 2016 long live the opposition,long live Dr Kizza Beisige

  2. All comedy as usual with the tyrant.Word has it that they haven't shared a bed in close to twenty years.The man sleeps with a different woman every night.Even Baroness Linda Chalker am told is one of the many.

  3. The most controversial first lady on the planet. I wish her fight and vision were driven by the hope of empowering Ugandans. These leaders entertain an outdated colonial mentality and became more driven by a borrowed God and a twisted outlook on humanity. You are an example of a failed dictator.
     " The problem with African leaders is, that they stay too long in power".
    Mr. Museveni, some 25 years ago.

  4. I see that you said cows aren't Gay . I have lived on a farm for sixty one years , I have seen Homosexual acts in many animals .  I would just like to Gay people do not choose to be Gay it is God that makes Gay people and he does NOT make mistakes .  This is the 21 first century  expand your paradigms . The Bible has 613 commandments  I am sure you have broken some of Gods wishes . You are very lucky you have not been  enslaved by the Muslims  . beiing a slave in America 150 years ago 

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