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Pink Floyd – Us and Them – jj

Pink Floyd – Us and Them

Us and Them And after all we’re only ordinary men Me, and you God only knows it’s not what we would choose to do Forward he cried from the rear and the front …



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  1. I don’t comment often, but everyone in this comment section is showing nothing but positivity and I FN LOVE IT!! That’s Pink Floyd man they fucking jam and let people reflect on how the lyrics and how they relate to life!! I just can’t imagine being able to see them in person I wish i grew up they days when Music meant something

  2. I’m typing this at 3am, and my cat is snoring in time with the beat. I’m pretty sure I haven’t taken any recreational pharmaceuticals. It’s hard to tell when Pink Floyd is playing.

  3. 1973å¹´..オイルショックの頃のアルバム。日本では..本国イギリスより一ヶ月ぐらい遅れて発売…(ç‹‚æ°—)というアルバムタイトルが付けられて発売されたんだよね。笑。4チャンネルステレオが流行りだす前の時代だよ?日本では..(ちあきなおみ)の歌が流行ってた時代だよ?..みんな..心のタイムマシーンには乗ったかい?それじゃあ..行くよ?..チェケラウ!(ようこそマシーンへ!!)

  4. Once with my gal there was a dilemma there with her mother. We did not care about that. Or her. We are still in love and our children like us too. Just love each and tell her about that your love is just for her. Then there is us and them…

  5. Lumi , even though he may not be alive in the physical form he still lives on in your heart and memory, as you are connected to your dad through the music is another form of life. Also I reported that rude commenter TINTED GLASS, hopfully YouTube respects the decision of removing the comment , there is no need for negativity and no negativity should be associated with YouTube or Pinnk Floyd!

  6. Why do you all love Pink Floyd so much? I've known them for a long time, but never really heard their music. Is it the lyrics? I can't really understand this one's. Is it the instrumental? It's pretty good, yes…

  7. One of my best memories is its 2 am i Smoked a few bowls walked upstairs sat down at a desk beside an opened window and its raining and theres a slight cool breeze that flows through the window, my friend is already knocked out and im just sitting there silently and listening, thats what you call life

  8. Interesting how so many comments are emotional. I think it is because of how Floyd's music talks to your soul and opens one's emotional window. Great band, song writing that will live forever.

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