Rapids and Insurance coverage – July 14

BANKRUPTCY COVERAGE. REGRESSIVE ACCOUNT (without protections or unconstitutionalities as of today):

    ALL PAID. PAS advice and opinions. 1) Check if it is compatible with the equipment / cell phone they have since many are NOT compatible, and on the TODOPAGO page nothing says. 2) For a 0% transfer fee, that is to say that there is nothing to be intermediated, set it up only by PEI, which would be like a direct transfer. 3) Uncomfortable to work in offices if they are different insurers and coverage or policies, say ZERO traceability.
    FEE 1. For some insurers it is mandatory is fee to issue the policy: How would it be done if the payment does not appear? If the PAS cannot collect it or the insured pays: who takes over?
    CHACAREROS-UNBANCARIZADOS: how do they pay for insurance? If it depends on the payment of the first installment, there is no policy or coverage.

WITHDRAWAL PROJECTION. Reading we discovered America: the appeal was made out of term:

“How does it come from fs. 17, the Resolution against which the insurer files the appeal was notified to the entity through the Single System of Notifications (S.U.N. – conf. SSN Resolution No. 39,527 dated October 29, 2015) dated June 16, 2017.

That Article 83 of Law No. 20.091 establishes that the appeal must be filed within the period of FIVE (5) business days from the notification.

That as it arises from fs.19 / 20, the entity made its presentation on July 3, 2017 ”, that is to say when the period established by Article 83 of Law No. 20.091 was already comfortably expired. March a layoff!

BASTILLE. 228 years

CAR QUOTES. Who has and who doesn't. Full report Monday 17-7, today advance.

DJAI K. Was this maneuver safe? See Minute Note One


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