SA docs might ship out if Nationwide Well being Insurance coverage is launched

The country’s doctors may ship out if National Health Insurance is introduced.
The South African Private Practitioners’ Forum says the NHI model will do more harm than good for the country’s healthcare system. Courtesy #DStv403



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  1. Cant manage roads, cant manage Eskom, cant manage SAA, cant manage municipalities, cant manage crime, cant manage economy, cant manage existing hospitals, cant manage ports, cant manage SABC but somehow, just somehow after all their thieving, corruption, lying, conniving, ripping us off, they seriously think they can run this? NO! Its just another cash cow for thieves

  2. Good govts appoint competent and honest people in positions of trust.
    Anc appoints criminals and thieves in positions of trust.
    Anyone implicated in corruption will be promoted immediately, that's how the Anc works.
    Anyone who exposes corruption will be targeted, harassed and ultimately executed, that's how the Anc works.

  3. It is amazing how this government moans over only 16% who can afford medical aid but never question their own failure that allows 86% of the population to leach of the system. It is amazing how the government is shocked at how infants are neglected but still insists on paying grants in cash. The taxpayer already fits the bill for free public health (NIH will just be a double tax). SOE’s, need I say more. This government’s position and strategy is clear when examining the evidence.

    I do not understand why whites ignore the realities which stair them right in the face. The new South Africa was designed and setup from day one to push whites out and to ensure African dominance regardless of any other factors. Juts revisit the requirements get a job, to attend a schools, get a bursary, attend university, do business and so on. With the NHI the Africans achieve three more bonus achievements. Not only do they push out white medical professionals but takes the taxpayers right to choose and to associate away (supposedly guaranteed by the constitution) and they will force the supporting structure like private hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, rehabilitation centers and so on to be handed over for “transformation” which reads Africanization. Make no mistake, BEE and AA will feature strongly. The government will decide who gets used and to whom you get send to. You will not have any choice. The second bonus is of course a feeding trough for the politicians and politically connected featuring tenders, bribes, kickbacks theft, maladministration and so on as per normal ANC operating procedure. 16% can not sustain 86%. Basic math. After this failure and crippling the taxpayers to the point of revolt, the Africans will descend on the pension funds. After that, the country will be Zimbabwe 2.0.
    If I was a health professional, I would be buying a airplane ticket.

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