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In order to reduce the expenditure of medicine on the common man, Modi started the Prime Minister's Bharatiya Jan Aushadhi Project (Jan Aushadhi Yojana) in 2015. Through this the aim of the government is to provide cheap medicine to the people in remote areas of the country. Generic medicines are available up to 90 percent cheaper at Jan Aushadhi Kendra. The government is focused on increasing the circulation of generic medicines. For this, the government is also giving people the opportunity to open Jan Aushadhi centers. The Modi government also provides financial assistance of Rs. 2.50 lakh to open a public center. If you too are thinking of doing business, then you can take advantage of this opportunity and earn well. We are telling you the whole process of taking Jan Aushadhi Kendra…

5,500 public centers have opened

At present, 5,500 Jan Aushadhi centers have opened across the country. The government has announced to reduce the price of sanitary napkins sold at its Jan Aushadhi Kendra to Rs 1 per pad. Currently, its price is 2.50 rupees. The pack of four pads is currently priced at Rs 10. Starting today, its price will be 4 rupees.

Who can open Jan Aushadhi Center?

Any person or businessman, hospital, NGO, pharmacist, doctor, and medical practitioner can apply to open a medicine center under PMJAY. Under PMJAY, medicines up to Rs 50,000 are given in advance to SC, ST and Divyang applicants for opening a drug center. In PMJAY, a drug store is opened in the name of Prime Minister of India Jan Aushadhi Kendra.

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Which papers are necessary for Jan Aushadhi Kendra?

If you are applying yourself, you will need your Aadhaar and Pan Card. If any NGO, pharmacist, doctor, and medical practitioner apply to open Jan Aushadhi Kendra, then they will have to provide Aadhaar, PAN, certificate of making the institution and its registration certificate. To open a dispensary center under PMJAY, you should have at least 120 square feet of space.

What benefits will you get?

>> Up to 20% profit on drug print price
>> Lump sum financial assistance up to 2 lakh rupees
>> 10% extra sales will be given to Jan Aushadhi Kendra for 12 months. However, this amount will be maximum Rs 10,000 every month.
>> This incentive may be 15% in North Eastern states, Naxal affected areas, tribal areas. Here too, this amount can be maximum Rs 15,000 in terms of rupees.

How to apply?

You can download the form by going to to open Janaushadhi center. The application has to be sent in the name of General Manager (A&F) of Bureau of Forma Public Sector Undertaking of India (BPPI). The address of the Bureau of Forma Public Sector Undertaking of India is also available on the website of Janaushadhi. Apart from this, you can also apply online.

How much will benefit from Jan Aushadhi Kendra

In addition to the 20 percent margin on selling medicine from Jan Aushadhi Kendra, apart from a 20 percent margin, every month sales will get 15 percent incentive separately. The maximum limit of incentive will be 10 thousand rupees per month. According to the government's plan, incentives should be given till the amount of Rs 2.50 lakh is completed. It also costs about 2.5 lakh rupees to open a Jan Aushadhi Center. In this way, the government is bearing all the expenses.

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