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How one can Get Rid of Scabies – jj

How one can Get Rid of Scabies

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  1. A 15ml measure of Turpentine in the bath tub will cure the condition. Try not to breath the oils vapor as best you can. Also Sulfur powder as a skin scrub is also beneficial to remove dry skin and the mite eggs as well.

  2. New cure for scabies using 80 proof grain alcohol. The key is to stop the evaporation to give it time to penetrate the outer layer of skin and soak for 1 – 2 hours.

    I tested 80 proof grain alcohol on ants in a jar. The vapors alone killed them in minutes. The reason alcohol does not kill scabies is because it evaporates before it can penetrate the outer layer of the skin. The answer is to cover the skin in a cloth, soak in grain alcohol then cover with saran wrap (plastic wrap) to stop the evaporation. You can use duct tape to hold the plastic wrap on you legs or arms. After about 30 minutes, the alcohol soaks through the outer layer of skin , starts feeling warm on your skin, and kills the scabies. You can also soak your entire body with your clothes on. Use a rain suite, rain pants, rain jacket, socks with plastic baggies over them and rubber gloves. Soak your entire body in the grain alcohol and do not allow it to evaporate for 1 -2 hours. Grain alcohol is harmless to your body and skin. I may cause it to turn red, but goes away in a day. Do not use this on your "male organ". Use 1% permethrin Nixx for head lice or 5% prescription only permethrin on your male organ for a few hours. DO NOT DILUTE 80 PROOF grain alcohol or you can use 180 proof grain alcohol and cut 50% with water. I discovered this after trying other treatments for 1.5 years with them still coming back.

  3. Well folks,
    I've read some of the comment threads here & FORGIVE me..but there is really, truly a 90% way to rid of scabies. Any self treatments of oils & gimmicks and creams, other than prescribed by a doctor..just won't be as effective.
    Here is the process and IF FOLLOWED CORRECTLY FOLKS..will rid of the scabies.
    FIRST seek out doctor to give you a CLEAR diagnosis. Explain that the itch is unending, more intense at night & explain the places where the rash & itching are. Most common area are between the fingers, around the wrist, on the buttock cheeks, arms and legs and such. Women will have rash under the breast as well. You will see "burrows" where the mites have dug into your skin & are laying eggs by then. If the doctor is a good one, they'll do a skin scrape test, confirm the scabies & give a script for 5% permethrin cream. On average a person gets 10-12 mites. One application is generally all that is needed to kill off the mites, but a 2nd application should be done 7 days after the first, for good measure & if the infestation in heavy.
    Once you get your cream IMMEDIATELY bath/shower in the hottest water you can stand. Afterward, apply the cream FROM HEAD TO TOE. Between fingers & toes, folds of the skin & arms/legs, butt cheeks, neck, behind the ears. EVERY INCH OF THE BODY!!. Leave on for 8-14 hours. After that, rinse off in another bath/shower. Wash ALL CLOTHS, BEDDINGS, TOWELS & ANY THING WASHABLE used 4 days prior to infestation, in the HOTTEST OF HOT WATER, dry on high heat in dryer. Any thing not able to place in washer you can place in big bag for 3 days. The mite CANNOT live off the skin source & will die in 3 days. The reason for the 2nd cream application is to kill of any young mites that may have hatched. Female mites lay up to 3 eggs a day & they hatch about 3 days later.
    VACCUM your rugs/ couch cushions THROUGHLY & empty the canister, clean with bleach or throw away bag. Any pillows put in a bag for 3 days. STAY AWAY FROM ANY PLACE/PERSON YOU GOT THE SCABIES FROM.
    After you have done your first cream treatment & cleaned/vacuumed, you should find some level of relief. You can do a 2nd treatment 7 days after the first if needed. Your skin WILL itch/react to the cream but DON'T PANIC & assume it's still scabies. Check your skin for new burrows & bites. YES you still itch & may feel like you've still got scabies BUT that would be your body ridding itself of mite waste & junk. IF HOWEVER you should find new burrowing & the itching is still intense as before, you can do 3rd treatment &  process all over again. It's not uncommon for some, to need a 2nd or 3rd treatment. It depends on the infestation AND if the treatments are being done right. Normally 1 treatment & process does the trick.
    If you have never had scabies before, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks before you realize you have scabies. The itching is a dead give away but you have to be sure by getting a doctor to check it out. If you have had it before..the symptoms start 2 to 3 days after infestation.
    DON'T FALL FOR GIMMICKY CREAMS, OILS OR OTHER QUICK TREATMENTS. DON'T TAKE ADVICE FROM PEOPLE SAYING "Oh this helped me" or use other chemicals to self help. SEE YOUR DOCTOR & get a professional diagnosis. The reason why 5% permethrin cream is used & prescribed is because of the high odds IT WORKS.
    BTW..the reason I stated ALL this is because, I work in the Medical & Healthcare fields. FOLLOW THE COURSE OF TREATMENT & DO NOT STRAY FROM IT. Good luck to any sufferers.

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