FSSAI marketing campaign in opposition to meals adulteration | FSSAI in motion, marketing campaign began on adulterated meals objects


Neha Singh, New Delhi: Regarding adulteration in food items FSSAI Is in action. FSSAI has launched a special campaign to clean the cloud kitchen and reduce the use of plastics. Zee News reporter Neha Singh had a special chat with FSSAI CEO Pawan Aggarwal about the action plan. In this, he told the roadmap ahead. Preparations are being made to make any changes in the Act regarding adulteration of food and drink? Especially the adulteration that causes health damage. In response, Pawan Aggarwal said that there is no need to change the law for this. If the provisions in the current law are properly implemented then everything will be correct. At the moment, we are moving in this direction.

Food aggregators are playing an important role in the food eco system. But, the customers do not know how clean the kitchen from which they bring food. Will anyone make a rule about this or will they drive. In response to this, he said that all the restaurants which are associated with the food aggregator, it is necessary to register with the FSSAI. A case has been registered against restaurants which are not registered.

In big events, many times the food is saved or thrown. Such food is often distributed among people. Especially on the occasion of weddings. Has FSSAI taken any step towards this? In response, he said, the hygiene factor is very important. A rating campaign has been started for this. For this, the help of technology has been taken which is mobile application based.

Regarding the situation of food fortification, he said, there has been good development in milk and oil in this direction. Many organizations are opposed to Fortification. According to him, why be given synthetic vitamins instead of natural vitamins and nutrients. On this, he said that synthetic vitamins do not have a bad effect on health.

After the appeal of the Prime Minister, how to make plastic work in the food items. Have you made any plans on this? In response to this, he said that plastic is most used in packing food and beverages. Working closely with NGT in this direction

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