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Visitor Opinion: You want your personal insurance coverage? No, you don't – jj

Visitor Opinion: You want your personal insurance coverage? No, you don't


In support of Ken Lefkowitz’s guest opinion on Aug. 28: Anyone — and there really are no exceptions to this — who says, “I like my insurance,” is simply uninformed about what they’re talking about.

Do you like paying your monthly deductibles and not having the control over who you get to see that you think you do? Do you still like your insurance when you have no real choice about what that insurance is when it comes through your employer and they change plans every year?

I don’t think so. And deep down, neither do you.

What you actually like are your doctors. You like the hospitals you have access to. That is what you like. The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act does not take that away; it increases it. With this type of “Medicare for All,” there will never be a doctor you’re not allowed to see. There will never be a hospital you won’t be able to go to.

Imagine just taking a short trip, having an emergency, and needing to see a doctor who is not in your network. You’re not even on vacation, across the country. Maybe you’re just in the next state for a day. And your whole life gets ruined because of crushing financial bills due to medical care.

But you like your private insurance? No. The people who say they “like their private insurance” simply have yet to run into the wall of what that plan can do for them. But the wall is there, looming over them like the sword of Damocles, waiting to strike them when they least expect it. And it will strike them, eventually. And when it does, it will be too late to do much of anything about it.

There is no other moral choice to make. Private interests only operate in their own interests, not yours. That cannot work in health care, so private insurance has to go.

A public option is still a death sentence for thousands. Why would anyone make that choice? Fear is the only answer. So stop that. Be brave, be bold, and save lives.

Geoffrey Ginter is a certified medical assistant from Pine Beach, Ocean County.

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