Eradicating algae from Intex pool / half 1

Green pool, algae thick on bottom of pool
Shocked with 1 & 1/2 small bags of shock treatment, let it sit over night.
Created our hose cheaply.


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  1. Hey thanks for posting and it’s great its working for you. But, I’m not sure what it is your saving nor why you’re not hooked up to your pump?
    The cheap 20$ to 35$ kit is basically the same thing with a shorter hose. Just hooks up to your pump and set it to waste and. There ya go. Same thing.
    I mean its cool you’re a using siphon instead of a little bit of power but its Infinitesimal the savings on energy or are you doing it to try and not waste as much water because its going to be about the same.
    I’m just not seeing the reason for not just buying the vac kit at same price and its faster and easier. All good and still a great job.

  2. This is exactly what i did with mine. The only thing that sucks is i lost about six inches of water during the process and had to fill it back up. But it's definitely worth it. I added flocculant to mine two days prior and it slammed everything to the bottom and made it easy to clean.

  3. I have tons of dead algae in the bottom of the pool.  Previous home owner neglected pool and we are working to put it into pristine condition for the summer.  Finding this method to by pass filter without losing water is great.  Thanks for sharing.

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