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The most effective Samsung Galaxy A50 instances and covers – jj

The most effective Samsung Galaxy A50 instances and covers


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While chiefly known for its flagship phones, Samsung is no stranger to the lower-priced marketplace, having put out a number of excellent phones at a variety of price brackets. At $350, the Samsung Galaxy A50 is Samsung’s premier budget/midrange offering, with good performance, a great AMOLED display, and a triple-lens rear camera system. While it’s cheap, it’s not expendable, so if you want to make sure it lasts, then you need to protect it. Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy A50 cases.

Spigen Liquid Crystal

best samsung galaxy a50 cases spigen

The Galaxy A50 is a beautiful phone, so you don’t have to hide it away if you don’t want to. Spigen’s Liquid Crystal clear case provides good protection without concealing your style. It’s made from tough but lightweight TPU that adds shock-absorbency and anti-slip properties to your phone, while also being completely clear. The inside of the case is smudge-proof, and raised edges make sure your screen is protected when it’s laid facedown. While it won’t be as strong as a rugged case, Spigen’s build quality is solid, making the Liquid Crystal an excellent case for normal daily use.

Ringke Fusion-X

best samsung galaxy a50 cases ringke

Want a clear case that leans more toward protection? Ringke’s Fusion-X series is a veteran of the market, and it brings all that experience to bear here. Hard polycarbonate makes up the rear of the case, and provides solid protection against scratches, while the soft TPU bumper protects against shocks from impacts and drops. It’s been tested to military standards for drops up to four feet (1.2 meters), while the ridges along the outer bumper also help to boost grip. On the minus side, it has a look charitably described as “unique”, and it may not be for everyone. However, with excellent protection and even a lanyard attachment point, this is a fantastic case for the price.


VRS Designs Damda Shield

best samsung galaxy a50 cases vrs designs

A case doesn’t have to be just protective, it can also add some new features. Wallet cases are great, but not everyone likes the all-encompassing design of the folding wallet case. VRS Designs’ Damda Shield exists for those people. It’s made from a combination of TPU and polycarbonate that protect against a wide variety of hazards — but the real headline feature is found around the back. A little bump on the back shows where you’ll find card storage section. Simply slide back the compartment covering and you have space for up to two credit cards and some spare cash. It’s not the most roomy wallet case around, but it’s convenient and protective.

VRS Designs

UAG Scout Series

best samsung galaxy a50 cases uag

UAG’s cases are usually quite loud where style is concerned, so the Scout’s understated design is a real breath of fresh air. It’s lightweight and slim and doesn’t add too much bulk to your phone, but still manages to be extremely protective thanks to an impact-resistant soft core that helps ward off shocks and drops. In fact, it meets military drop standards. It’s coated in a nonslip covering so you can keep a strong grip on it, and there’s a raised bezel around the outside of the screen and camera lenses to help prevent scratches or dirt. It’s extremely solid without adding weight or thickness — and it’s not a bad price either.

Otterbox Defender Series

best samsung galaxy a50 cases otterbox

If you want protection and don’t care about anything else, then Otterbox is always a good starting place. The Otterbox Defender is another industry veteran and there’s a good reason for that. It uses multiple layers of materials to provide a strong defense, and the hard outer shell has been covered with a slipcover to boost grip. There’s a raised edge to protect the screen and camera, while covers for each of the ports ensure nothing gets into those otherwise unprotected areas. It even comes with an optional holster with a belt clip and hands-free kickstand. On the minus side, it’s more expensive than most other cases and it’s bulky, but it’s worth it if you want the protection.


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