Assam: 21 arrested for killing 73-year-old physician, docs announce strike 21 folks arrested for killing 73 yr previous physician in Tea Property in Assam.



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Updated: Monday, September 2, 2019, 13:57 (IST)

new Delhi. In Assam, 21 people have been arrested by the police in this case after the way a doctor was beaten to death by a mob. At the same time, in protest against this incident, the Indian Medical Association announced a strike on Tuesday, including the emergency service. Let us know that after this incident in Jorhat, 300 km from Guwahati, Assam, the situation is quite tense. Deven Dutta, aged 73, was severely beaten by the staff of T Estate on Saturday. Actually, when a contract worker died in the estate hospital, he was not present there.


Roshni Aparnji Korati, DC of Jorhat, said that the Garden Doctor was badly beaten by some people after Somra Majhi's death. Somra Manjhi, aged 33, was admitted to the hospital on Saturday in critical condition. Where doctor Dutta was not present, not only this, the pharmacist was also on leave. The nurse present in the hospital gave saline to the patient, after which the employee died.

After the death of the employee, Dr. Dutta reached the hospital at around 3.30 pm, where the employees locked him in a room and beat him badly. He was admitted to the hospital in an injured condition, where he died. Dr. Dutta was a very senior retired doctor of Jorhat, he retired long before T Istes. Tiok Tea Estate is a tea estate that operates under Amalgamated Plantation Private Limited.

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