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Updated: August 26, 2019, 4:57 AM IST

Nowadays people are leaving jobs and moving towards farming. People are making money by using new technology in agriculture. If you want to try your hand in farming, then Hydroponics technique can prove to be very effective for you. It does not require land for farming. You can also start it in the terrace or courtyard of the house. The cost in this technique is low and earning can be substantial. We are talking about farming without soil. Let's know what is this technology and how can it be earned?

A chance to cache Terrace farming

Nowadays, Terrace Farming is an emerging trend, which is giving you a great opportunity to cash in. Soil is not used in this technique and the nutrients required for the plants are transported directly to the roots of the plant with the help of water. This is called Hydroponics technique. Plants are grown in pipes with the help of a multilayer frame and their roots are released into the nutrient filled water inside the pipe.

Hydroponics Techniques

Many companies work for the setup of hydroponics technology, which helps you in setting up an amateur garden to a commercial farm. In this, startups like Letsectra Agritech Bitmines Innovations, Future Farms, Hamari Krishi are working. Hydroponics setups can be purchased from these companies.

1 lakh spent on 400 plants

About 35 to 40 saplings can be planted in a tower two meters high. You can buy 10 towers with about 400 plants for up to 1 lakh rupees. If the system is used properly then only the seeds and nutrients will be spent. Also read: These major changes will happen from September 1, know how will affect your pocket?

Poly house needed

Net sed or poly house will be needed to avoid the weather. Through this technique, cultivation takes place in the controlled environment. That is why farmers often produce vegetables that have a high price in the market. You can earn up to 2 lakh rupees annually by growing expensive fruits and vegetables.

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First published: August 26, 2019, 4:57 AM IST

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